Daily Devotional – 4/7/16 “It’s not about you!”

I’ve told you before, you can’t measure how anointed you are by the actions of others. Don’t you understand that your anointing isn’t even based on you? Your anointing is appointed by God and you ought to be thankful it’s not based on your service because then most of us wouldn’t amount to anything. This is why you have to stop worrying about who’s supporting you and who’s not. Baby, you’ll quickly find that even those you thought were cheering for you aren’t. There are folks who walk among you, who are part of your squad that’s waiting on you to fail. There are folks related by blood that won’t support anything you do. Some of the folks, who are smiling in your face, speak negatively about you as soon as you leave. Don’t worry too much about it or them. Why? Because you don’t owe them a thing but to love them (and you can do that from a distance)! Stop demonstrating your destiny, they don’t deserve it. Quit trying to prove to them your purpose when they only participate in it when it pleases them.

Beloved, you’ve been waiting on an invitation to preach in somebody’s pulpit you thought liked you and it still hasn’t come. You’re still trying to get folks to believe in your gift. You’re still trying to get folks to support you and they won’t even if it’s free. Don’t worry about them. God will lift you up in the midst of folk who are calling you nothing. God will place your name in places you’ve never been. God will open doors folk will say you don’t deserve to walk through. Why does He do this? Well, it’s because it’s not about you. When you get out of your flesh and humble yourself, God will do the rest. When you get out of your feelings, God will allow you to flourish. When you start to realize that your anointing, gifts, purpose and your destiny isn’t based on you but based on whose you are; God will do the rest. Yes, I understand … you think you should have progressed by now, you think you should be farther along than you are and you think more folk should know your name but all of these things come from trying to please people. When you stop worrying about folk and start working through your faith, you’ll see the difference.

“He saved us, not because of the righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy. He washed away our sins, giving us a new birth and new life through the Holy Spirit. He generously poured out the Spirit upon us through Jesus Christ our Savior.” Titus 3:5-6

Daily Devotional – 9/8/15 “Stop giving the enemy credit! “

Don’t you know every time we speak the enemy’s name, we are giving him credit for stuff he doesn’t deserve? I got a pain in my body that I’ve had since Saturday and I can easily blame him but why? It’s just a momentary minute of pain that I’ve got to endure. I surely won’t give him the credit for it but I will give God all the credit for allowing me to rise with the strength to push through said pain. Listen, the enemy’s main purpose is to steal, kill and destroy and every day he sets out to do just that. He doesn’t need our credit because he stands tall every day waiting to see whose salvation he can steal, whose purpose he can kill and whose gift he can destroy. Is it yours today? If you got up angry instead of in God’s anointing, the enemy is stealing your salvation. Are you still putting off for tomorrow the things you said you’d do last month? Then the enemy is already killing your purpose. Are you utilizing the gift(s) God has blessed you with? If no, then he is already destroying your gifts. What are you going to do about it?

You can continue to say “God knows my heart,” while the enemy is stroking your body and see how far that gets you. Continue to think you are being blessed when you are robbing God by not paying your tithes because the enemy has you thinking the pastor is getting all the money. Keep on giving the enemy credit until he (the enemy) is done with you. Then he’ll have you around here stumbling in the darkness looking for light. Stop giving the enemy credit when you should be declaring that he can no longer have your stuff. Stop giving the enemy credit when you should be looking him in his face and casting his butt back to the pits of hell. Stop giving the enemy credit when you need to tell him that you are no longer usable on his team. Learn how to bite your tongue and think before you speak. Learn how to say no to the Saturday night party and get your butt to worship on Sunday. Learn how to ignore the text from him/her that you have seen in a while. Take yourself home to your spouse and not someone else. Keep your mouth off folk. And stop being so easy manipulated to do the enemy’s job. He doesn’t need any credit so stop giving it to him.