Daily Devotional – 10/5/15 “The enemy doesn’t play fair!”

It’s Monday and the enemy wants you to think you aren’t the miracle that you are. He’s in your ear, all up in your grill; telling you to look at all the bad things going on but I can guarantee that if you count the good, they’ll outweigh every time. Yes, I get the fact that you got more bills than money, more sickness than health insurance, more problems than solutions, more tiredness than sleep, more folk asking than you got it to give, more things to do than time, more complaining Christians than shouting Saints and it seems, more faults than faith but baby that’s just the enemy trying to get you. Stay in your lane. See, if he gets you to swerve in his lane, he has a chance of hitting your car (you) and once that happens, you have to get out and come face to face with him. And you know what happens when you come face to face with a charming enemy when your faith is at its lowest point? You give in to the first thing he has to offer you. You forget all about resisting because his offer sounds better. You forget all about God, for the moment, because here the enemy is offering to fix what’s broken in your life at a time you need it most and you can’t wait.

Now, you’ve allowed him to take your car (this is me figuratively speaking because I really mean your spirit) to a cheap repair shop to patch up the holes, paint over the scratches, fix the dents and now you’re happy again. That is until you start seeing the paint chipping and you realize he isn’t who he said he was. Oh, now you start really looking at yourself, I mean your car and you see that all the places the enemy supposedly fixed are starting to wear out again and you, I mean your car just got out the shop. You try to call him on the number he gave you and you find out, it’s been disconnected. You go back to the repair shop and it’s closed. You’re back where you began but this time you’re in worse shape. The enemy used you up and now he’s gone and you’re back where you started from but with more holes, scratches and dents in your spirit crying out to God to repair you! Baby, God hadn’t left you and you need to remember that. The enemy only does what we allow. Stop listening, stop responding, stop playing with him/her, stop going and stop entertaining the foolishness. Get your faith up! Stay in your lane and if the enemy happens to bump into you, get out swinging because he doesn’t play fair!

Daily Devotional – 9/16/15 “Increase Declaration!”

I’m starting a new job on today with the same company. I don’t call it starting a new job, I’m calling it starting a new assignment because I know that it’s God sending me somewhere new for something greater. Am I nervous? Yes but I’m also excited and I know that I have some great expectations to fill but I’m walking into this assignment ready. I’m walking in with my head held high because I got some unshakeable faith that God got me! Yea, I got some big shoes to fill but baby, I’m going in like I wear a size 13 shoe when I know good and well my size is an 8 but guess what … My favor will cover the rest!

And it’s the same for you. I declared on yesterday an increase in my life but not only for me but for everybody associated with me (that’s you). However, the only way you can get the increase, you’ve got to believe it. Yea, I know you checked the refrigerator and it’s still low, your checking account is still negative, your medicine bottle is still empty and you’re still in pain, your family is still chaotic, you’re still without a job, the enemy is still camped around your ministry and it seems like God isn’t answering your prayer but baby get your faith up! If every time the storm comes, your faith dwindles, there’s a problem. You need to get your faith up! I said I declared a increase on yesterday, I didn’t say I received it yet but I got my faith up and I’m expecting it! What are you expecting? Get out of your pity! I know it’s easier to stay there but get up. Get out of where you’re comfortable because I’ve found that’s where God can use you! I’ve declared an increase and I’m expecting it for me and for you. I want mine, what about you?