Daily Devotional – 7/5/17 “Getting up is the hard part”

I am a night person, always have been yet I still cringe when the alarm goes off in the morning. I find myself wanting to hit the alarm’s snooze button for the fifth time or silence my husband who says, for the ninth time; it’s time to get up. Then I find myself slowly throwing my legs over the side of the bed and the comforter back which officially lets me know, I’m up. I sit there for a minute before my feet touch the floor but once all this happens, I’m up. Getting up was the hard part. Why am I sharing this? The Holy Spirit told me I needed to encourage somebody today by letting you know, getting up is the hard part. Yeah, I know we thought falling was but it isn’t, if you think about it. It’s like accidentally falling. Once you’ve fallen down, you find yourself looking around to see if anyone saw you because you know, if they did, you will now have to answer questions. “Ma’am, what happened? Sir, are you alright?” Getting up is the hard part. Then you will have to deal with the embarrassment of knowing, you fell.

This is no difference spiritually because when you fall/fail, you find it hard to get up because now you’ve got to face the consequence of your fall. Whether it’s being embarrassed you fell, being talked about, laughed at or even hurt; you have to deal with it. Realizing, getting up is the hard part. I mean, if I stay down maybe no one saw me fall. If I stay down, maybe I don’t have to deal with the things on my to-do list. If I don’t get up, maybe it will go away. If I don’t get up, maybe I can act like it never happened. If I don’t get up, just maybe I won’t have to look it in the face anymore. Getting up is the hard part. Oh but I just stopped by to tell you, you need to change your tone when you get up. Yeah, you need to put some bass in your voice and tell folk, “Do not gloat over me, my enemies! For though I fall, I will rise again. Though I sit in darkness, the LORD will be my light (Micah 7:8).” Of course, no one likes to fall but it happens and you have to be willing to get up. It doesn’t matter why you’ve fallen nor the number of times that you have, getting up will be hard but get up. Because the bible tells us in Psalm 34:19, “The righteous person faces many troubles, but the LORD comes to the rescue each time.” Getting up may be hard but the only way to get over the fall, you’ve got to get up and try again.

Daily Devotional – 10/9/15 “Get up!”

I started a new shift in my new position; 7:00am in the morning. Baby, this takes some getting used to, let me tell you. It’s a struggle most days when that alarm goes off at 5:45am but only because I’m a night owl. However, even in my struggle to get up in the morning; once I’m up, I’m ok. Getting up is just the hard part. Then something donned on me; somebody like me is struggling to get up in some area of your life and the struggle has been real but get up. Yea, you’re struggling to get out of debt, to get out of sickness, to get out of a bad relationship, to get out of a dead-end job, to get out of your own way and to get out of your spiritual war; well, get up! When a baby is learning to walk, he or she is determined to get this thang down, they’ve made up in their mind. Yea, he or she struggles to stand, at first, so they grasp at the nearest thing or person to help pull them up. Once they are up, they stand there for a minute to give their legs time to balance, they scope out their surroundings and finally they take a step. Sometimes, in their learning, they fall a few times but if you watch them carefully, they’ll go back to the nearest thing and start the process all over again.

What am I saying to you today? First, you need to have a mindset to want to get up. There’s no need in me trying to teach you, if you aren’t willing to learn. Second, you need to find something (the Word of God) or someone who can help pull you up. Then you need to stand there for a moment and get your balance. Yea, you need to allow the word to process in your spirit and you need to hold that person’s hands until you’re comfortable with letting it go. Then you need to scope out your surroundings. What good is it to get up only to walk into some mess? Finally, take a step. Yes, my brother; yes, my sister; you may fall but get up again. You may stumble but shake it off and keep on going for the bible says in Proverbs 24:16, “The Godly may trip seven times, but they will get up again. But one disaster is enough to overthrow the wicked.” Though you fall, the failure is in you not getting up. The word tells me that I am, “persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed (2 Corinthians 4:9).” You are not out nor are you any less than the next person, when you happen to fall. You simply had a momentary moment but all you have to do is get up. It hurts while you struggling to stand but once you’re up, breath and take a step!