Daily Devotional – 10/19/16 “Last Call!”

“Last call!” This is usually what you hear in a restaurant and/or club not long before the bar closes. This is to ensure you get all the ‘spirits’ you need before closing time. Now, when the Holy Spirit gave me this word, early this morning, I didn’t understand at first. Yet, as I laid there and allowed it to soak within me, this is what I got.

Most of the time, we take God’s grace for granted as if there isn’t going to come a time when the “last call” will be heard. We, as Saints, don’t think about the fact that the “last call” can be shouted at anytime. Meaning, we’ve only got a short amount of time to get the ‘spirit’ before the book close. We continually play church, hiding behind traditions that aren’t saving anybody. We play with the spirituality of the spirit when we will shout yet not sow. We play with God’s word when we put a stipulation on which sin is greater than the next or who can preach and where. Will we have time to get ourselves together before the last call? Will we, get some act right, before the last call sounds?

I’m only asking because at some point, the playing will cease whether it be by choice or force. This will be when the play shouting will be overtaken by the snatch of the Holy Spirit, shifting your entire life! When you’ll find yourself running around the church and unable to stop yourself and when your dancing will need no music. This will be when the word of God will blow your mind. Scriptures like Hebrews 6:1-3, “So let us stop going over the basic teachings about Christ again and again. Let us go on instead and become mature in our understanding. Surely we don’t need to start again with the fundamental importance of repenting from evil deeds and placing our faith in God. You don’t need further instruction about baptisms, the laying on of hands, the resurrection of the dead and eternal judgment. And so, God willing, we will move forward to further understanding.” It’s time we move into a new realm of teaching and preaching because the enemy has moved to a new realm of destroying God’s people. It’s time we grow up spiritually in order to get what we need in the spirit! And it’s my hope it happens before the last call!


Daily Devotional – 6/27/16 “It’s time we get right church!”

The physical worship places of today have become so commercialized and money hungry that we’ve forgotten about saving the unsaved and empowering the saved. Some preachers won’t even preach God’s word without a certain amount of pay when God gave you the gift for free. Yea, a workman should be paid but will you still show up at a small church who can only afford half your normal rate? Why has it become easy to focus on natural things and not the spiritual things? Yes, precious pastor; I know you have 1000 members but how many of them are spiritually worthy? Yes, fellow pew member; you can recite scriptures but is it evident by your life? Yes, unwavering usher; your movements are on point but can you point me to the way of salvation? Yes, devoted deacon; you know the pastor’s contract better than your name but how many souls have you bought to God? Yea, mighty missionary; you look good on annual day but what else are you doing? Beloved, God is doing something in the spirit that is shaking up the spiritual realm. This is why a lot of us are feeling out of whack and can’t understand it. Some of you are waking up confused, that’s because you’re still fighting what God is trying to do. Some of you are trying to figure out why you’re so tired; that’s because God is trying to get your attention and the only way He can, you have to be sleep. Don’t you understand, God is tired of seeing us play with His word? God is sick of you laying your dirty hands on His people with no anointing. God is tired of these empty altar call prayers that isn’t casting out any demon. God is tired of the non-teaching bible studies and the big words you share on Sunday morning. And God won’t continually sit by while you go from the pulpit to the hotel, the church to the club, from bible study to the bar and from shouting to causing hell.

You may be tired of hearing this but it’s my duty to tell say it. Plus, you may not have all the time you think you do to get things right. We are living in times where children are murderers at the age of 15. Women are being murdered by men who claim to love them and men are being taken advantage of by women in child support court and the system is failing them. Police officers are acquitted of killing innocent victims all because they carry a badge but what about the oath to serve and protect. Racism is freely walking through our streets and if you say something, you’re pushing your own agenda. Reality TV is taking over but it’s not reality. Schools are failing our children and we accept it. A man can rape a woman and get away with it. Two people can commit the same crime and their sentence is based on the color of their skin. The enemy is bold enough to stand up in our worship places and we’re too afraid to tell him to get the hell out. When will we get back to saving the unsaved and empowering the saved? When will we tell folk their message is no longer valid? Aren’t you sick of it too? Please make a note of this … I am not perfect and I still fall short but I’m striving every day to be better than I was yesterday and I may not always get it right. However, I’m sick of the enemy holding on to my children, peers, family and friends. Aren’t you? Are you not tired of being defeated? It’s time we get right church!