Daily Devotional – 8/14/14 “Get in your place!”

I was scrolling through my previous devotionals and I came across one I did on 3/31/14 titled, Get in your place. Now, this one caught my eye because I was speaking about this book that Evangelist Sandridge (at our church) gave me to read and I didn’t know it then but she was preparing me to get in my place. (Wow) See, Evangelist Sandridge is my uncle’s assistant minister and she’s been sick and her presence has been missed since she hasn’t been at the church. Our church is a small church is Hollywood, MS (near Tunica) and it doesn’t come with 5 associate ministers to carry on Sunday school and bible study when uncle Larry isn’t available and I didn’t know it then but I get it now, she was preparing me to get in my place. I get it now. God will send folk to us to prepare us for the position we are about to fill and if we don’t pay attention, we miss it. Isn’t that something? Here she was, the whole time preparing me to stand in for her while she recovers yet it never dawned on me. Her she was, the entire time, preparing me to get in my place and I almost missed it. Had I not been in tuned with my spirituality, had my own personal relationship with God, had my own study time with the bible and on my own journey to understand the calling God had over my life, I would have surely missed this. Oh but I am thankful for God for sending folk like Evangelist Sandridge who is faithful in her work and who, even at 80 years old, is still favored in this life. I am grateful that she saw in me the calling God had already placed over me and she wouldn’t let me forget it. I am yet praying for her and I know that whatever God has in store for her, it shall be done.

And for you, my brother or sister; you who are wavering in this fight today because the world is beating you down and it seem like you are fighting in vain; fight on! Yea, I know it seems like God placed you in the middle of a war zone but get in your place. Don’t you know that God won’t place you anywhere He hasn’t already been? Yes, your surroundings are unfamiliar and the people are looking at you funny but get in your place. You might not fit in but get in your place. Your voice may be shaky and you may have butterflies in your stomach but get in your place. You may not even feel like you belong there but you won’t be there long, it’s just a stepping stone so get in your place. Get in your place, you got work to do. Don’t allow fear to keep you from getting in your place. Don’t let folk stop you from getting in your place. Don’t even let you stop you from getting in your place because you’ve got work to do. Minister, Pastor, Preacher, Bishop, Dr, Evangelist; get in your place! It’s time out for pacifying the gospel to satisfy the season saints when we need to save those who are yet to be saved. Young folk are dying every day and many don’t know God and that’s a problem. If most of our young men are in prison then let’s go there. If most of our young ladies are in the streets, then let’s go there. We’ve got to get outside the 4 walls of the building we worship in because not all of the lost can make it there. We’ve got to get in our place to minister and it isn’t in a pulpit all the time. Get in your place and do your job! Stop worrying about me, get in your place. Stop worrying about him, get in your place! Stop worrying about her, get in your place!

Daily Devotional – 3/31/14 “Get in YOUR place!”

On last Sunday, the Evangelist at our church gave me this inspirational book that she had bought from the dollar store and she told me she wanted me to read it. Now, I’m thinking, why does she want me to read this book but I did. Now, I have to be honest, I didn’t read it until yesterday morning (it was a small book with a moment for each day for 30 days) but something stuck with me. On Day 27, it talked about geese. Yes, geese but go with me. When geese prepare to fly south for the winter, they do so in a V formation. In this formation, there is the lead goose that flies in the front and then all of the other geese fall in line thus forming a V. Now, the significance of the V is because if all of the other geese play their part, their range of flying and efficiency is boosted by the help of each other’s wings which means they fly faster and higher and when the goose who is leading gets tired, the next in line takes their place and they go to the back therefore minimizing them getting tired. I know you’re asking how this ties in to church but let me bring it home to you. As Christians, we need to get in our place. See, if we all supported one another by allowing the head to be the head as we fall into our V like formation, just imagine how efficiently our flying would be. Yea, then we’d be able to fly above the haters and those who want to tear us down. If we could all support one another like geese do, just imagine how far we could go because we wouldn’t be overworked and burnt out. And if we waited on our turn to be the head, just imagine how much better things would be because you do know that you have an appointed time, right? Yea, there will be times when someone will fall but get this, when a goose is injured or becomes sick and has to fall out of line, 2 more geese goes to and they stay with the injured/sick goose until they are well enough to fly or they pass away. In other words, they look out for one another. Isn’t that amazing? When will we as Christians, get in our place? When will we support one another instead of tearing down? Don’t you know that 1 Corinthians 12:26-27 says, “If one part suffers, all the parts suffer with it, and if one part is honored, all the parts are glad. All of you together are Christ’s body, and each of you is a part of it.” It doesn’t matter about the amount of tithes you pay, the amount of time you’ve been a member of the church or the amount of work you do because we all make up one body of Christ. Do you part as a Christian and get in your place and see how much better things become! Get in YOUR place!