Daily Devotional – 1/11/19 “I need closure!”

A lot of times we use the phrase “I need closure,” before we can move on but did you know that some wounds are left open in order to heal? Yea, I thought I’d let you know that sometimes beloved, closure, although it’s what you seek; it may not be what you get. You keep chasing folk trying to get “closure” and instead all you get is chaos, confusion and crying. You remain stagnant because of the need for closure yet those you’re waiting on have moved on. Look, when a wound is infected doctors will sometimes leave it open, in order for it to heal. You know why?

1. Because closing an infected wound makes the infection worse.
2. There isn’t enough “tissue” to close the wound and you run the risk of it reopening.
3. The person, who needs the closure, isn’t healthy enough to withstand the closing.

Closure is sometimes needed, don’t get me wrong, but trying to get healing from the person who left you wounded, don’t always end well because they might not know how to give you what you need. Forgive them, even if you only speak it to the wind and make right the offense you caused. Close the door yourself, you don’t have to wait on anybody else; they might not show up. Close that chapter of your life, you don’t need anyone’s permission; they may never give it. That apology, it may never come and if it doesn’t, don’t allow that to be the reason you don’t live. Stop chasing folk, stop stalking their social media pages, stop looking through old pictures and texts but more importantly; STOP WAITING FOR SOMETHING THAT MAY NEVER COME! You don’t have to have closure to live, laugh, love and be happy, profitable and in your purpose. All you need is God, faith, strength and the determination to get up every morning knowing you are God’s and everything He creates is great!

“Depart from evil and do good; Seek peace and pursue it.” – Psalm 34:14

Daily Devotional “3/18/16 – Stop!”

Stop keeping score of those who have hurt you. If you keep focusing on how many people have hurt you, you’ll never be able to count those who don’t. Stop trying to hurt people before they hurt you because then you’ll end up bitter and alone. Everyone isn’t that one, two or maybe more who’ve hurt you. Quit treating them as such. Break the habit of being the one to win every argument! Do you know that it doesn’t matter who wins as long as you resolve the issue? If you focus on who started it, you’ll never get over it. Deal with the situation, apologize and don’t bring it up again. This is why we have so many families who are being cursed by the generation of hurt, bitterness and anger that has been passed down generation after generation. Folk leave the church mad because they didn’t get the position they wanted and now everybody in the family hates that church. Bitter mothers teach their daughters how to be bitter instead of teaching them to be better. Deadbeat dads teach sons have to grow up being deadbeat instead of showing them how to be a better dad. A family will teach hostility instead of holiness. Parents are passing down the mentality of get them before they get you instead of teaching to love your neighbors.

What is going on? When will we stop the generation of being a ‘welfare family’? When will we break the chain of abuser that’s going from man to man in the family? When will we destroy the yoke of being abused that has held on to every daughter in the family? When will we knock the hell out of the enemy instead of allowing him to live in our homes? When will we break the tradition of having bad credit and no job? When will we stop holding on to the things that hurt momma and daddy that are now defeating us? When will we let go of the stuff and people we’re allowing to hold us hostage. When will we walk out of the personal prison of pain we’ve allowed ourselves to be housed in? When will be let go of the rope that has us bound? I don’t know if you recognize this or not but today is the day for you to do it. All you have to do is let go, get up, get out and try! Yes, it’s going to hurt because it’s what you’re used to but you may just find you like it the new norm. Yea, it may be uncomfortable at first but give yourself time to get used to it. Stop making excuses, stop trying to find ways to stay in your hurt and stop looking for any reason to go back there. If it hasn’t worked in all this time, it won’t start now! Do better because you want better. Forgive yourself, forgive them and move on! I promise that you’ll feel much better when you do.