Daily Devotional – 2/15/18 “Have mercy God!”

Y’all, there is something wrong. When another teenager can take a loaded rifle into a school and murder others, there is something wrong. When violence, in our communities are on the rise, there is something wrong. When the prison systems are being filled to capacity yet there is no money for reforming our youth AND adults, there is something wrong. When a person can get harsher punishment for marijuana than they can for murder and molestation, something is wrong. When bars are filled but parent/teacher meetings are empty, there is something wrong. When casinos are packed but not worship service, there is something wrong. Please understand, this isn’t a religious problem; it’s a world problem. Yes, prayer changes things but the bible says without work, faith is dead. Sure, your prayers are good when I’m going through but one time, can you come and see about me? Yes, I thank you for posting your condolences on my Facebook wall but will you show up and offer me a shoulder to lean on? I appreciate your congratulations but can I also get some support? Of course, likes and shares are good but will you reach out when you see my language changing instead of taking a screenshot and putting it in a group text?

I guess what I am asking is, will you notice if I wasn’t having a good day? Would you notice if I wasn’t acting like myself? Could you read between the lines and decipher my cry for help? Do you not get that even on Valentine’s Day, there were people suicidal? Do you not understand the many children who are contemplating suicide because nobody is taking their cries of help seriously? Do you not grasp the many women and men who are living in hostile environments? Do you not comprehend the many pastors and ministry leaders who can barely afford to pay their bills yet they show up, well put together and with a message to help you? All I want you to understand is this. There are people who look well on the outside but slowly dying on the inside and they are afraid to ask for help. There are people you work with, every day, who are functioning alcoholics. There are teachers who hide a stash of pills because they need them to make it through the day. There are leaders who are fearful of failing so they’ll do anything to succeed. Something is wrong y’all and if you just happen to be one of the ones who is doing fine, at this moment, help somebody else. But if you’re the one who needs help, ask for it.


Daily Devotional – 11/28/17 “Work your faith!”

How dare you say, out of your mouth, that God isn’t answering your prayers when you’ve yet to work your faith. God told you to trust Him to make your ends meet but then the enemy showed up and you got that check advance anyway. Now, you’re crying because you forgot about it and it hit your account and it’s overdrawn. You got the audacity to part your lips and move your tongue to form a sound of doubt, to the power of God, when you’re still sitting in the place He told you to depart from months ago? You laugh at anybody who testifies on the goodness of a God who uses us in spite of our flaws because “you” say He didn’t come to your rescue when you were lost. But have you stopped to think, maybe you missed it because you weren’t in tune to hear His voice? Beloved, God does what God does but what are you doing? Some years ago, I was in a place of frustration and anger because I could not figure out why things kept happening to us. Why can I not get my head above water? I’m going to church every Sunday with my bible and notepad and it’s filled with what pastor said but I’m still suffering. I’m working with the youth and showing up when needed but I’m still in a desolate place.

Then it donned on me, my faithfulness was good but there was no work being done. Yeah, I looked busy to the person on the outside looking in, but my work was dead. Yes, I was showing up for service but I didn’t have a sacrifice. I was devoted to the church but there was no devotion to God. I was a faithful worker but not a fruitful worshipper. My faith was without works. Oh but now, when God tells me to trust Him, I do while working my faith. Even when I cannot see how this little is going to last until payday, I work my faith. When it seems like I will not get well, I work my faith. When it feels like everybody is against me, I work my faith. When the enemy is knocking on my door, I work my faith. When trouble shows up, I work my faith. How? By standing still (that’s not trying to fix it) and trusting God. By getting up, getting dressed and walking with my head held high when all I want to do is crawl into the nearest dark hole. By wearing my $5 dress and $7 shoes, acting as if I got millions in the bank. By acting like royalty while still shopping at the Dollar Tree and Goodwill. Why? Because I am working my faith. What are you doing? “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.” James 2:26