Daily Devotional – 12/3/19 “You’ve got work to do!”

Your life isn’t going to change on 1/1/2020, not if you’ve yet to change what didn’t work in 2019. There I said it because here’s the truth, there is no magical formula. There’s no special vision board that’ll make all your dreams come true. There’s no right concoction of oil that will bring you everything you’ve been praying for. There’s no church service, midnight prayer service or prophecy that will transform your life, in the twinkling of an eye; if you are not working for yourself and I’m not talking about clocking in.

Look, here’s what I know works.
1. Prayer
2. Faith
3. Work
4. Prayer
5. Belief
6. Work
7. Prayer
8. Tithing
9. Work
10. Prayer
11. Sowing
12. Work

You see where I’m going? Bible tells us in James 2:26, “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.” Sure, you can have a body without a spirit but it’s called a corpse. Corpse = a dead body especially of a human being or the remains of something discarded or defunct. THIS IS THE SAME FOR YOUR LIFE, BUSINESS, MARRIAGE, VISION, GOALS and PLANS … WITHOUT WORKS!

My apology for yelling, but I need you to get this. You’ve got to work, beloved. And I don’t mean at your job. You’ve got to work your prayer life which means you need to pray more. You’ve got to work your finances which means tithing and sowing and believing God. You’ve got to work your faith which means trusting God especially when you can’t see it, taste it or touch it. You’ve got to work your gifts even if they’ve yet to pay off. You’ve got to work your belief which means knowing God hasn’t forsaken you, especially in those moments He’s silent.

I know these devotionals have been longer than normal, but God is speaking more and I don’t know who they’ve been for, but I need you to work. Baby, work like everything you do is paying off. Do you know there are times I preach and barely get paid? It doesn’t matter that it took a week or more to prepare the sermon or that I sweated my good curls out; I’m working my faith. Do you know it took seven (7) years before my writing paid off? It didn’t stop me from working my gift though. Child, I put out books like they were bring in hundreds of dollars when truth is, I barely saw enough for my $50 water bill. I still wrote. Why? I trust God instead of worrying because I know if He sent me and I work, He’ll take care of me. Will you do the same? Will you trust that if God sent you and you do the work, He’ll take care of you? Will you work, knowing God has your entire being?

Daily Devotional – 2/15/18 “Have mercy God!”

Y’all, there is something wrong. When another teenager can take a loaded rifle into a school and murder others, there is something wrong. When violence, in our communities are on the rise, there is something wrong. When the prison systems are being filled to capacity yet there is no money for reforming our youth AND adults, there is something wrong. When a person can get harsher punishment for marijuana than they can for murder and molestation, something is wrong. When bars are filled but parent/teacher meetings are empty, there is something wrong. When casinos are packed but not worship service, there is something wrong. Please understand, this isn’t a religious problem; it’s a world problem. Yes, prayer changes things but the bible says without work, faith is dead. Sure, your prayers are good when I’m going through but one time, can you come and see about me? Yes, I thank you for posting your condolences on my Facebook wall but will you show up and offer me a shoulder to lean on? I appreciate your congratulations but can I also get some support? Of course, likes and shares are good but will you reach out when you see my language changing instead of taking a screenshot and putting it in a group text?

I guess what I am asking is, will you notice if I wasn’t having a good day? Would you notice if I wasn’t acting like myself? Could you read between the lines and decipher my cry for help? Do you not get that even on Valentine’s Day, there were people suicidal? Do you not understand the many children who are contemplating suicide because nobody is taking their cries of help seriously? Do you not grasp the many women and men who are living in hostile environments? Do you not comprehend the many pastors and ministry leaders who can barely afford to pay their bills yet they show up, well put together and with a message to help you? All I want you to understand is this. There are people who look well on the outside but slowly dying on the inside and they are afraid to ask for help. There are people you work with, every day, who are functioning alcoholics. There are teachers who hide a stash of pills because they need them to make it through the day. There are leaders who are fearful of failing so they’ll do anything to succeed. Something is wrong y’all and if you just happen to be one of the ones who is doing fine, at this moment, help somebody else. But if you’re the one who needs help, ask for it.