Daily Devotional – 11/8/18 “Preparing for what you asked for!”

We’re in the month of November and for some, you’ve already started planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas. You don’t even know what tomorrow holds yet you’ve already made preparations. You have the list of things you need, waiting. You are eagerly anticipating the sale ads as you map out plans for this holiday season and all you need is for the date to show up. You’re set on go, ready for what you expect to happen, without knowing if it will. Question for you … why don’t you wait in expectancy of God the same? You don’t bombard the stores, rushing them, but you’ll rush God. You don’t rush the calendar, yet you’ll rush God. Why not, instead of getting angry at God’s timing, you prepare in advance for what you are expecting? Instead of getting upset that God hasn’t moved, by your calculation of time, why not prepare for what you know will come? You’ve prayed for the husband but are you prepared for him? You’ve prayed for the child but are you prepared? You’ve prayed for the increase in finances but have you prepared for it? You’ve prayed for the door to open but are you prepared for when it happens?

A few years ago, my husband and I were living in a rental house yet I knew this wasn’t what God had for us. So, I started preparing. I made notes of what I wanted in a house as I waited on God to move. I made preparations for the house note and we hadn’t even signed papers or been preapproved. But I know what I heard God say. I had no idea when but I know what I heard. Beloved, on this spiritual journey, we have to be prepared for what we’ve asked of God even if we don’t know when He’ll do it. God says if I ask, it shall be done so when I go in prayer, I come out preparing to receive what I know God will do. This is called faith. Bible shares, faith is the substance of things hoped for. Faith means I’m claiming it before it has my name attached. Faith means I am prepping to live well even while I’m still sick. Faith means I’m making plans for the day I no longer live paycheck to paycheck. Faith means I’m cleaning out the garage for the car I know my credit can’t get yet. Faith means I am memorizing the directions to the house I haven’t been approved for yet. Faith means I am rehearsing for the assignment and I haven’t even been called for it yet. Faith means I am buying the business suits for the business that hasn’t even been birthed yet. Faith means I am preparing sermons for the pulpits I haven’t been invited to yet. Faith means, although I don’t know when it’ll happen, I know it will happen so I’ll prepare for it.

Daily Devotional – 7/10/17 “What is your faith doing?”

When you think you are not worthy of the favor God has placed over your life, He will allow some things to happen to prove to you that you are, indeed worthy. This is why we have to trust God, especially during the struggle. You may know this and/or you may not believe this but it is when you’re in the midst of your struggle that loyalties are defined and lines are drawn. When we go through, spiritual and/or physical attacks, God allows it to see whether or not we will trust Him through the good AND the bad and to see just how far our trust with Him goes. Do I believe God will purposely place a sickness in our body to test your faith? No, because I have read Genesis a few times and I have yet to see where God created cancer, high blood pressure, migraines, organ failure; etc. yet, it happens. And it can happen to the best of us, when we least expect it because occasionally, we just have to struggle. Read Job.

And if Job isn’t enough, read about Paul because in Acts 13, Paul and Barnabas are sent out to preach the gospel and while doing what they’d been chosen and appointed to do, they meet struggle. After being ran out of one town, they move to the next only for struggle to find them there too which results in Paul being stoned (a big struggle). Now, Paul could have easily stopped trusting God after the first time the struggle showed up and he definitely could have while he was standing there with stones hitting his body but he doesn’t. Instead, Paul allows stones to pierce his skin and his trust is still there. With every sting and blood drop, his faith could have left but it didn’t. While he was being drug out the city and left for dead, he could have lost faith but he doesn’t. Instead, the bible says in Acts 14:20, “But the disciples formed a circle around him, and he got up…” His faith, connected to the faith of the disciples around him, raised him up. What is your faith doing, especially doing your struggle? What is your faith saying, especially doing your struggle? Where is your faith taking you, especially doing your struggle? These are the types of questions you need to ask yourself because if you are not checking your faith, regularly, you may not have all the coverage you need when struggle shows up.