Daily Devotional – 8/18/16 “The time is now!”

I don’t have a full devotional today, I simply stopped by to tell somebody … The time is now! All you have to do is believe it and it shall be. Trust God and He’ll make the provision. Take God at His word and it’ll never return void.

For whomever you are, reading this; whether it was forwarded to you or you follow this blog, know this … the time is NOW for you to move. My God! You’ve been sitting still too long, stagnant in a comfortable place that has been everything but comfortable, shifting to make it work, covering up for what’s not working and hiding out of fear! Baby, the time is NOW for you to take up your bed and walk.

Dear God, 

Thank you for opening my eyes, for I now know I’ve been walking blind. God, I thank you for saving because I now know I’ve been wandering lost all this time. God, I thank you for saving me because it has made me realize all the time I wasted in bondage. God, I thank you for shielding me from what I thought I needed. Oh God, I simply thank you for sparing this ole life of mine, one more time and for snatching my ignorant behind from the hands of those I thought were good for me. Thank you Father for shaking me when I started to get comfortable in my mess. Lord God, I just thank you for it all! And after this … I’ll get the chance to write my testimony for the world to witness.


Give it to God

Daily Devotional – 12/12/15 “Saturday prayer”

I don’t normally write a devotional on Saturday but as my husband said to me this morning, it’s needed. So, as I sit here at work (out of my norm), I just thought I’d stop through to encourage someone on today. You! Encourage you through whatever it is you’re facing, TODAY! I don’t know what you dealt with on last night and I surely can’t see what you’re face tomorrow but for right now, let me encourage you. No, I’m not going to say, it’ll be alright because it might and then it might not. I’m not about to tell you, God got you, because you know that. So, what I am going to do is pray.

As I petition your throne on this morning; let me first thank you. Thank you for the person reading this. Thank you God because they took the time for me to encourage them when I’m just somebody who was chosen by you for a time such as this. Now, God; I don’t know what each of them stand in need of; I’m simply going to ask you to do it for them. Somebody is headed to lay a loved one to rest. Somebody is up trying to figure out how to feed their family, with no money. Somebody is searching for a missing child. Someone is standing near the bedside of family or friend and the doctor is shaking his head. A pastor is knee bent trying to figure out how to serve in his or her assignment when saved folk is making it hard. A deacon is contemplating suicide. An usher is snorting her next vial of cocaine. A church member just woke up from a night of drinking. Somebody on the praise team is in the process of losing her house and her mind. Someone in the choir is being physically and mentally abused, right now. Somebody who is being looked up too is on the verge of losing his business. And someone in the world is fighting demons constantly. Oh God! Step in and deliver. Destroy chains of wickedness. Break strongholds and yokes of evil. Set free, dry tears, calm confusion, open shackles and restore! Do it God for your people. I stand in the gap, today calling on your name. I can’t call every name and every desire but you already know them. Do it for them, at this very moment. Do it for even me! We surrender God!

This prayer I submit, in faith that it will be done.