Daily Devotional – 5/11/18 “Two is better than one!”

I don’t care how independent you think you are, you cannot walk this journey of life alone and survive. Before you ‘happily single’ folk come for me, let me explain. The bible says in Ecclesiastes 4:9-10, “Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor. For if either of them falls, the one will lift up his companion. But woe to the one who falls when there is not another to lift him up.” Please understand something, I am not talking about having a husband or wife but I am speaking of life in general. Beloved look, with so many things going on, you need somebody you can lean and depend on. Yea, I know you can lean and depend on God but I am speaking physically because no matter how heavy you are spiritually, you need somebody when your flesh fails. With suicides on the rise, murders plaguing our land, relationships not surviving, depression, hurt and pain; you need somebody you can depend on. With strongholds and generational curses destroying families, demonic spirits smothering the sanctity of worship places and mental illness shutting the mouths of strong Godly people; you need somebody.

No longer can you act like you got it together when the enemy has set up in your house and he’s destroying your life. No longer can you keep quiet about your woes because if it hadn’t been for your children, some of you would have already taken your life. Baby, there are some folk who get up every morning, dressed up and messed up. There are some folk in boardrooms, right now, functional addicts. There are some teachers who are secretly fighting the foreclosure of their home. There are some pastors who are contemplating bankruptcy but they preach real well. There are some mothers who want to give up and some fathers who want to give in. There are some sisters sleeping around just to feed their children and some brothers who can’t even afford a haircut, after working 60 hours last week. Ma’am/sir, you need somebody even if it’s just to talk. You need somebody, if it’s only to get a hot meal, this week. You need somebody, if only it is to hold the phone while you cry. You need somebody who will come and get you when your car stops on the expressway at midnight. You need somebody who will tell you when you’re right and wrong. You need somebody who will support you. You need somebody to pray you off the ledge. You need somebody. Why? Because two is better than one. Don’t allow your strong will to be the reason you suffer alone.

Daily Devotional – 3/5/18 “Real Rotation”

It is recommended to rotate the wheels on your car every 3000 to 5000 miles. Studies suggest rotating tires helps to even out the wear and tear. This is due to the weight of the front and rear axles being different, which causes uneven wear. Also, doing this can extend the useful life of the tire. Now, I thought about this as I tried to put it into a spiritual context. See, a car represents the carrier, the things that holds what you’re transporting. Tires represent the ability to move the carrier and handle the weight within the car, if aired properly. Spiritually, you are the car or carrier. You are the thing that holds, transports and protects what God has placed within you while you go from place to place. Friends, for the sake of this devotional, are the tires. They are the ones pumping you up, pushing you to get to where you need to go, rolling with you to ensure you make it and able to bear the weight of which you, the car, is carrying. Knowing this, I have to ask you a question, when was the last time you rotated your tires? No, not a wheel rotation but a real rotation because your ride, at this moment, could be rocky because of the tires (friends)? Maybe they’re worn out and it’s time for a rotation.

Understand, I am in no way saying discard your friends but maybe they can’t handle the weight of your anointing. This is why a real rotation is needed, sometimes. One where you take a, for real, look to check the pressure of your “tires.” And get this, sometimes you need to do a real rotation to see if the “tires” still want the position because it could be too much for them after you assumed they could handle it. Yes, they are great at being your best friend but this doesn’t mean they can handle the anointing that’s spilling from your cup. Sure, back in the day they were ready to ride with you to pull up and bust some windows, curse some folk out and talk bad on social media but are they ready to handle your cup of oil, cast out some demons, war in the spirit and cry loud? Beloved, everybody can’t handle the front. If I can be truthful, some cannot handle the rear either because they have to be able to see and handle what’s coming up on your rear and be able to sustain the impact. And just like the front, they may be tired and in need of a rotation. This is also why you need to have some spares ready in the event one of your tires go flat; somebody ready, willing and able to fill in the gap. All I am sharing is, it may be time for a real rotation.