Daily Devotional – 12/6/17 “Spiritual Exhaust Hood”

An exhaust hood is the device that hangs over a stove containing a fan whose purpose is to remove grease, fumes, smoke, odors and steam that is in the air. It works by pulling in the bad and either it circulates the unclean elements outside or it has a system that filters out the bad while recirculating the good. In other words, it vents the space making the environment easier to breathe in but it only works when you turn it on. I thought about this because yesterday, I shared that you have to let people vent sometimes. Well, today, I ask you the question, who are you venting too because social media should NOT be your outlet. You do realize, sometimes you need to vent in order to make your environment better, don’t you? With depression’s grip getting tighter, bullying on the rise, suicidal thoughts keeping you up, feelings of failure that’s overtaking your daydreams, unable to look at yourself in the mirror because you are disappointed in you, struggling to survive, business isn’t doing good, being pulled in every direction, debt is drowning you, ministry work is harder and you’re still pretending to hold it together; baby you need to vent. Who are you venting too beloved because you need somebody you can confidently confide in without worrying if the fan inside their exhaust hood will spread it.

Yes, for some it’s your spouse but even then, you may need somebody else who has walked in some similar shoes and can tell you how to cope when those shoes get heavy. In ministry, you need to have someone in ministry who has been where you’re trying to go and understands. Marriage woes, you need someone who is married and can give sound advice. Single, you need somebody single who is grounded and level-headed. Depressed, you need somebody who has been there and overcame. Sick, you need somebody who has been where you are and survived. Domestic abuse, you need someone who knows the signs because they used to be there too but got out. You need a spiritual exhaust hood. Someone who will sit in the midst of your toxins, willingly taking it all in and then circulate clean air out because you’re too exhausted to do it yourself. Understand and read this good, you DO NOT need a yes man/woman but you need somebody who can hear you and then help and not someone who pacifies your prognosis. With the harsh realities of life, you need an exhaust hood with an air filter and not an air freshener; that’s someone who can clean the air and not mask the smell. Somebody who knows when to listen and when to labor. Somebody who knows when it’s time to pray and time to pave. I told you this before, it is time out for folk who will ride or die and time in for folk who can rebuke and decree. Be sure to read the reviews though because the last thing you need is one that doesn’t work properly.


Daily Devotional – 9/23/16 “It takes more than you!”

I had the opportunity to visit the newest craze in town, Memphis Escape Rooms and I must say it was a challenge. You along with several other members of your team are placed inside a room and you have to work together to figure out how to open the door, in less than 60 minutes. Yes, it sounds like it’s easy but it takes some thinking AND team work. And if you cannot work as a team, the chances of figuring out the clues to get out is close to impossible. However, with my team, when one person couldn’t figure it out, they passed it to another person for them to take a look. Not one person took credit for our team winning (and we were the only team) because it was OUR win! Now, this made me ponder the thought of how much greater our worship, fellowship and relationships would be if we all worked together instead of apart. I mean, just think of how much greater things could be if you admitted what you’re doing isn’t working and asked for help. Just imagine how many more lives can be saved if we lost the “I” mentality and change to an “US” ministry. See, pastor can’t do it all no matter how high you’ve placed him/her. The deacons shouldn’t run it all, no matter how long it’s been working. And you can’t have the final say, I don’t care how long you’ve been there. It takes a team. When it comes to the trinity, there’s three … The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit who all works together for our good. So what makes you think you can do it all?

The bible says in Ecclesiastes 4:9-10, “Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble.” Yes, I understand you’ve always done it your way but look around, is it still working? Yea, you’ve always been by yourself but aren’t you tired of not having someone to lean on? When you’re by yourself, your thoughts sound great but when you have someone there, they can listen and let you know, “Nawl dude, you’re tripping.” When you’re by yourself, you think you look good but having someone else lets you know, “Girl, that lipstick is not right.” Being the head is good but it’s nothing without the body. This is why the bible says in Ephesians 4:16, “He makes the whole body fit together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love.” We can make this thang work but you’ve got to lose your selfishness because the only way it can work, we have to first link our faith together to ensure it does. A chain without links is just a weak piece of metal however a chain with links is a strong defense mechanism! Which one are you?