Virtual Bible Study

As we make our way through these times of sickness, the study of God’s word must go forth. Why? Because it’s there you find strength to press on, especially when this natural life doesn’t make sense.

Understand something, I don’t know everything. I’m not a bible scholar but I study. I don’t have every answer, God does and I speak by His authority. And I’ll be the first to tell you, don’t trust me but test the God in me. It’s Him whom I serve and rely on.

So, for now, join us on Tuesdays via Facebook Live for Virtual Bible Study. Check out the flier for this weeks topic.

See you there!

Oh, if there’s a topic or question, you’d like to cover or discuss; send it via comment, email or inbox.

Stay safe 💚

A Little Encouragement – 7/1/19 — YOU GOT THIS!

I haven’t been lead to share a devotional, in the last few weeks but it doesn’t mean I’m not praying. This past week, when I took some time away from social media, I decided to create a prayer room. Notice, I didn’t say my prayer room because it is my desire for everybody in the house to use it (even though it has pink pillows in it .. LOL). See, I realize that being attached to social media can get overwhelming and tiring so I wanted to encourage somebody.

Do you! Be you! Love you! Laugh at you! Challenge you! Encourage you! Embrace you! Comfort you! CHOOSE YOU!

In other words, don’t allow anyone else expectation of you to be the driving force behind what you do. When you do, you set yourself up to be disappointment if you happen to fail. See, social media got some of y’all thinking you’re supposed to be married by now, with the baby and the big house, the foreign car, the expensive wig, the designer clothes and shoes and the 6 figure job but reality is … if you’re happily single, celebrate it. If you stay with your momma, 2 roommates or a cat; celebrate it. If you got to put water in your radiator, every day just to make it to work and home, celebrate your car. If you’re like me and will rock a $7.50 jumper from Family Dollar, celebrate it. And whatever your job is at the moment, celebrate it.

Ma’am, sir .. your purpose is your purpose and just because you haven’t fully blossomed yet, it doesn’t mean you won’t. However, you can’t give up during the season of sowing because then you won’t have nothing to harvest.