Daily Devotional – 9/12/17 “It is well!”

I shared this last year and I felt led to give part of it again because somebody, somewhere is still trying to rationalize why you are still stuck where you are. Somebody is still making excuses as to why you will not move on, why you will not sign the papers, why you will not move out or why you will not let go. You know it is painful being where you are but you are comfortable. You know it isn’t doing you any good but you cannot let go. You are tired of crying but what else is there to do? Every time you walk in the door, you start to feel defeated. Every time you see his/her name, your attitude changes. Every time you think you’re getting ahead, you take a few steps back. Well beloved, sometimes you just have to cut your losses. Sometimes you have to be okay with taking the L just to keep your mind. Sometimes, you have to walk away without anything but an “It is well,” praise on your lips! I know ‘they said,’ “After you’ve done all you can do, just stand,” but then what? Yes, you should stand on God’s word but what I love about God, He allows you to take His word with you. This means, you no longer have to stand still in places and with people who have yet to yield anything positive for you.

Ma’am/sir, sometimes you have to release folk and places and while you’re packing say, ‘it is well.’ While you’re pulling out the driveway, say it is well. While you’re looking at your negative checking account, declare, “It is well.” While trying to figure out what’s next, shout, “It is well.” Letting go of those you thought would be there until you really needed them – it is well. Moving on from those places where you’ve given all of you and got nothing in return – it is well. Walking away from those things you helped build with your tears but only caused you pain – it is well. Closing the door on the person you didn’t think you could live without – it is well. Yielding to the YES God, even when it doesn’t look like it makes sense – it is well. Walking into destiny although the way is still dark – it is well. Listening to you slander my name – it is well. Watching you reject me because you cannot explain me – it is well. Knowing you lied on me because it was the best you could do – it is well. No matter what my circumstances – it is well with my soul. For my soul waits on God. He is my refuge and strength. So you go on, it is well with me.


Daily Devotional – 3/13/17 “Understudy or under studying?”

I’ve recently been named Assistant Pastor to my uncle/pastor whose leadership I’ve been under for ten years. I’m looking forward to what God has for me but I don’t take this role lightly and this is why I’ve been patiently serving as his understudy. See, I wouldn’t dare rush what God has for me, before it was meant for me. And I know the only way I can truly handle this new position is by staying where God placed me, in my old position. And the studying I had to do, started long before I accepted my call to ministry. God sent me to my uncle’s church because it was there, the seed growing within me, would be cultivated. I had no idea it was preaching but I knew God sent me to his leadership in order for me to grow and I couldn’t rush the process because then I’d risk birthing something, prematurely, that wouldn’t survive. I knew that if I hurried this process, it would only hurt me and those I tried to serve. This is why I learned to shut up and listen. And this is also why, I have no problem sitting by his side, it is there I learn. I have no problem gleaning from his harvest, for it is there I eat. I have no issues with drinking from the overflow of his cup, it teaches me not to selfish with mine. I have no problem being the student because it is in this role, I learn how to be patient when it’s my turn to teach.

Why am I sharing this? Because somebody is agitated where you are. You can’t figure out why God hasn’t moved you yet or why every application you put in, for the promotion, gets denied. You can’t understand why your change hasn’t happened yet. Or why you can’t get elevated. But how have you been as the understudy? Are you learning or do you think you know it all? Are you antsy about getting the promotion or are you simply learning until it’s your time? I’m only asking because I’ve found that if you suck at being an understudy, you’ll suck more at being the replacement. Yes, I know you have more years of experience but that doesn’t make you leadership material. I know you think you know it all but that doesn’t mean you’re ready for the role. Yes, I know you rock out as being associate minister but are you learning what it takes to be pastor? In the bible, before Elisha could effectively handle the mantle of Elijah, he had to learn. There was no way Elisha could carry the fullness of Elijah’s mantle without first learning how heavy it was. For the bible says in 1 Kings 19:21, “…Then he went with Elijah as his assistant.” Elisha didn’t set out to take over Elijah’s prophetic garment, right away, but he studied him until his time came. And for you beloved, stop rushing to lead when you’ve yet to master following. Ask yourself the question … Am I being an understudy or am I under study? In other words, am I lacking in areas I should be learning.