Daily Devotional – 10/9/17 “Common Sense!”

As I drove into work this morning, listening to the radio, I heard the lifeline question of the day. Here’s the dilemma. “A husband and wife are raising a son from the husband’s previous relationship. The husband’s mother, takes it upon herself, to invite the son’s mother to every family event even though she is bluntly disrespectful to the wife. What should the husband do?” I heard a few callers and some said, allow God to intervene. Listen, I am a Christian, who loves the Lord wholeheartedly. I believe and I trust Him. He is the head of my life. And as for me and my house … but chile look, that husband needs to put his mom in her place. Respectfully, of course.

I am not saying, he shouldn’t consult God but why does he have to wait for God to intervene when God has given him common sense? I am sure, he is grown enough to know right from wrong and his momma is all the way wrong. Yes we should consult God, through prayer and fasting but sometimes all it takes is common sense, especially if you are in God. Common sense is like, trusting your child to make the right decision when you are not around. This is what God expects of us. He expects us to make decisions, with our sound mind. The bible says in Proverbs 2:6-7, “For the LORD grants wisdom! From his mouth come knowledge and understanding. He grants a treasure of common sense to the honest. He is a shield to those who walk with integrity.” Stop accepting any and everything beloved when God gives us the ability to use common sense, in some situations. Yes, we should pray. Yes, we should seek God. Yes, some situations calls for a “wait on God moment” but sometimes you need to tap into your common sense.


Daily Devotional – 9/12/17 “It is well!”

I shared this last year and I felt led to give part of it again because somebody, somewhere is still trying to rationalize why you are still stuck where you are. Somebody is still making excuses as to why you will not move on, why you will not sign the papers, why you will not move out or why you will not let go. You know it is painful being where you are but you are comfortable. You know it isn’t doing you any good but you cannot let go. You are tired of crying but what else is there to do? Every time you walk in the door, you start to feel defeated. Every time you see his/her name, your attitude changes. Every time you think you’re getting ahead, you take a few steps back. Well beloved, sometimes you just have to cut your losses. Sometimes you have to be okay with taking the L just to keep your mind. Sometimes, you have to walk away without anything but an “It is well,” praise on your lips! I know ‘they said,’ “After you’ve done all you can do, just stand,” but then what? Yes, you should stand on God’s word but what I love about God, He allows you to take His word with you. This means, you no longer have to stand still in places and with people who have yet to yield anything positive for you.

Ma’am/sir, sometimes you have to release folk and places and while you’re packing say, ‘it is well.’ While you’re pulling out the driveway, say it is well. While you’re looking at your negative checking account, declare, “It is well.” While trying to figure out what’s next, shout, “It is well.” Letting go of those you thought would be there until you really needed them – it is well. Moving on from those places where you’ve given all of you and got nothing in return – it is well. Walking away from those things you helped build with your tears but only caused you pain – it is well. Closing the door on the person you didn’t think you could live without – it is well. Yielding to the YES God, even when it doesn’t look like it makes sense – it is well. Walking into destiny although the way is still dark – it is well. Listening to you slander my name – it is well. Watching you reject me because you cannot explain me – it is well. Knowing you lied on me because it was the best you could do – it is well. No matter what my circumstances – it is well with my soul. For my soul waits on God. He is my refuge and strength. So you go on, it is well with me.