Daily Devotional – 10/31/15 “Hallow God”

Today is set aside to celebrate Halloween. Now, while some Christians are all up in arms about other Christians dressing up in costume; why don’t you worry about the days you “dress up” as a Christian. Yea, while you are concerned about folk playing on Halloween, when will you stop playing with what God has called you to be and do? A lot of folk are in costume every Sunday, playing a Saint but as soon as worship is over, you remove the mask.

Baby, check yourself before you put your mouth on folk. Yea, while we are concerned about Halloween, we really should stop and Hallow God. For hallow is defined as to make somebody or something holy or to have great respect or reverence for somebody or something. See, while you are worried about folk carving pumpkins, why don’t you reshape your attitude? While you are fussing over folk setting out candy, why don’t you set a better example for the those who look up to you. While you turning your nose up at the gathering of kids, why don’t you gather yours together for prayer every now and then? All I am saying is, while you’re worried about Halloween, worship and Hallow God!

Be blessed and if you’re going to be out, be careful!


Daily Devotional – 10/25/13 “2nd day of prayer – Prayer for marriage”

Our Father in Heaven, It is me again petitioning your throne with praise and thanksgiving. God, I come humbly before you asking you to search my heart and remove anything or anyone that may hinder me from doing you will. God, right now I thank you because you didn’t have to allow me a mind to want to pray and you didn’t have to bless me with your anointing but you have so I’ve got to thank you. Now, oh God, I come on behalf of marriages. God, divorce rates are up because many have forgotten the terms of the contract they’ve entered into and there aren’t enough of us down on our knees so we need you more than ever. Father, husbands are no longer providing and their families are barely surviving. Wives don’t love like they should and husbands don’t support like they could. Husbands are slacking of their roles as the head because the wife is too stubborn to learn what her role really is. Oh, God we’re on a downward spiral and we need your guidance. Deliver the minds of the husbands and wives who find it easier to walk away instead of growing stronger in their storms. Deliver the husband who has turned to alcohol instead of his wife after losing his job. Deliver the wife who has turned to prescription drugs instead of her husband after the diagnosis of cancer. Deliver the mind of the husband who finds joy belittling or abusing his wife whom God has blessed him with and the wife who finds joy in beating her husband down with her negative attitude instead of helping him up. God, heal the marriages that are on the verge of divorce, if it is in your plan. Heal the pain that has been caused by adultery, lying and stealing. Heal the hate that has been caused by past relationships that are now causing hell in the new relationships. God, strengthen every husband who believes in you so that his Christian life is stronger, so that he can be the head of his household and pray over his family without being ashamed, praise in the midst of his storms without caring about whose looking, can admire/compliment his wife without harsh criticism, make her smile when he walks into a room and make her feel like a million bucks even though she is dressed in Wal-Mart clothes. God, touch him now so that he can raise sons who want to follow in his footsteps and so that he can continue to work for you. God strengthen every wife who believes in you so that her Christian life is stronger, so that she won’t be ashamed to stand behind her husband who is the head, so that her prayer life is stronger in order to pray over her family, so that she too can rejoice in the midst of their storm, shout for the good and bad, teach her daughters how to be virtuous women, pick up the pieces when her spouse needs help, take care of her family during sickness, feed them when the refrigerator is almost empty, make her husband feel like a King on a poor man’s salary, isn’t ashamed to shop at Goodwill to clothe her family and isn’t scared to stand with her husband when the world is telling her to leave. God I am claiming victory over marriages because they shall not be defeated. Comfort those who need to feel your arms around them, give hope to those who feel theirs slipping away and wipe the tears of those who can’t seem to stop theirs from flowing. God do it now because I know that you can and I believe that you will. Marriages will not be defeated because I am speaking all these things as though they are. I come before you God, speaking deliverance over life, marriage, situations and whatever battle is being fought, RIGHT NOW! God, I pray for the decrease of divorce and the increase of commitment. God, I pray for the decrease of abuse and the increase of love. God, I pray for the decrease of giving up and the increase of coming together. Oh God, today I pray for the sustaining of every marriage bond that you’ve consecrated so that they grow together in love. I thank you for prayer and now I submit this too because it shall be so; in your name God. Amen