Daily Devotional – 11/26/18 “Everyone is not praying you win!”

Pastor William Smith made a status this morning that simply said, “Remember, everyone is not praying you win!” (My apologies for what I’m about to type but I can get a little spiritually gangsta at times.) Mane, if you don’t get yourself up and let them folk gone on! Your winning isn’t due to them but your failures can be. See, when we depend on people who aren’t and never will cheer for us to win, we miss those who do. When we get upset over those we don’t see their face in the crowd, we overlook those who are. When we get our feelings hurt because they never buy what we’re selling but will support everybody else; we lose focus on those who are always there. Beloved, you need to understand something … Sometimes there will be some folk you’ve allowed in your personal space, to come along on your journey and to eat at your table who will sell you out for 30 pieces of silver, call your name and then kiss you on the jaw. Truth of the matter is, they are who they are and while I could make excuses for them, I will not because they don’t deserve it. Sure; I could call them bitter, jealous and selfish but is it possible, they just don’t want to see you win? No, you’ve done nothing to them but it’s you. You’ve never spoken ill of their name but it’s you. You’ve never hurt them but it’s you. You’ve never sold them out but it’s you. And because it’s you, they will never pray you win. Yet, they’ll come along because your favor can get them into places their money can’t.

How do you know who’s praying for your demise? Pray for God to pull back the veil and He will. Be careful though because it might be somebody you’d least expect. What do you do when you find out who it is? Nothing because their sorrow, for the betrayal, has already been written by God. How do I know? The bible. Jesus knew He would be betrayed yet He says at the last supper in Luke 22:21-22, “But here at this table, sitting among us as a friend, is the man who will betray me. For it has been determined that the Son of Man must die. But what sorrow awaits the one who betrays him.” Jesus didn’t need to handle the one(s) who would betray Him, their sorrow was already written. Let me ask you, why are you trying to handle those who have betrayed you? I understand it hurts but you’ve got to move on because when did hurt feelings provide for you, progress you and protect you? Baby, stop keeping count of those who willingly pray against you because the time you’re spending on them is time wasted. Pray for them and then get up, you got more wins to get and if they couldn’t stop you then, they sure in the name of all things holy can’t stop you now.


Daily Devotional – 11/20/18 “Check your pot!”

Growing up and even today, I watch my grandmother take care of her plants. Sometimes, this meant moving them from one pot to another. When I was small I didn’t understand it but as I got older, I realized the original pot was too small to handle the growth of the plant. See, had the plant remained in the small pot, it’s growth would slow. Had the plant remained in the same pot, it wouldn’t receive all of the nutrients it needed because the pot couldn’t handle the amount of soil and water required. Had the plant stayed in the small pot, it could possibly fall over, depending on the weight it carried. Do you read where I’m going? Some of you aren’t growing because you’re in the wrong pot/space. Some of you aren’t growing properly because the space you’re in will not allow you to grow, receive the nutrients you need or spread your roots. Some of you are stagnant, where you are, because the space cannot accommodate your growth. And if I can be honest, the reason some of you haven’t left yet is because the space is comfortable. Sure, you know it’s too small but it fits within your budget. Here’s the thing, it fits within your budget but you aren’t moving on yours, this next move is on God who has unlimited resources.

Beloved, you can’t grow, properly, in small spaces. I don’t care how well you fix it up, you will not properly develop in a place where you can’t spread out. You don’t have to believe me but try raising a large family in a small place. I don’t care how much you like where you are, you cannot grow in a place that cannot meet your nutritional needs. Sure, you can stay but it may get painful, very painful. Think of a pregnant woman who is close to term and her baby is running out of space in the womb. She experiences unbelievable pain every time the baby moves. Why? Because the space no longer fits. I don’t care how good your name looks on the roster, your gifts cannot be cultivated in a place that cannot meet your needs. Why do you think you keep falling from the weight? Your pot is too small. Why do you think you’re still thirsty and hungry? Your pot is too small. However, let me make something clear. If you are okay with where you are, stay. If you are good with the small, comfortable place; by all means stay put. But if you’ve asked God to enlarge your territory, fulfill the desires of your heart and to bless you abundance; chances are you got to move. When was the last time you checked your pot?