Daily Devotional – 6/13/18 “Baggage!”

Would you walk into an airport and grab people’s luggage to carry, along with yours? Just walk right up to baggage claim and start throwing other folk’s luggage on your shoulders, back and then roll some with your hands. Would you? Then why are you walking around with the baggage of others, weighing you down? I’m talking to you who is still carrying the baggage of dude who claimed to be Trustworthy Tyrone but ended up being Tricky Ricky, after you gave him three years of your life. I am talking to you who still got the baggage of old girl who dressed nice, smelled good, could cook a meal and had her stuff together; until you got comfortable and the real her came out. Then you found out the lasagna was Stouffer’s, the hair wasn’t hers and her credit score matched her shoe size. I’m talking to you who is still upset at how the folks at that church treated you. Sure, they made promises and acted as if they liked you, in the beginning, until they realized you had a voice and an ordained assignment that didn’t match with their traditions. I’m talking to you who lost their job after twelve years and you get mad each time you drive by it. Erykah Badu said it best when she said, “Bag lady you gone hurt your back, dragging all them bags like that. I guess nobody ever told you; all you must hold onto, is you, is you, is you.”

You’ve got to let go of the weight. Hear me, it’s not going to be easy because you’ve got to adjust to no longer carrying what you have gotten comfortable with. So there will be an adjustment period as your mind and body get used to not having that crutch to lean on. Yes ma’am, yes sir; it is a crutch because as long as you have the baggage of let downs, hurt, misuse and abuse; you have an excuse to act like you act. You still got baggage of generational curses so you keep making the same mistakes granddaddy. You don’t trust anybody so you jump from bed to bed, creating more hurt folk like you. You carry around the baggage of your parent’s addiction and you use it as a reason why you can’t get clean. You aren’t quick to lay down roots because you think this place will do you like the last one did. You are swift to hurt folk with words because you keep reaching into that baggage pulling out what “they” did. That baggage is your excuse to not commit. That baggage is your reason for constantly running. That baggage is causing turmoil in your life. You’ve got to get free! If not for you, for those counting on you because you have the ability to pass on more than just a legacy. Get free beloved. It’s time and you deserve it.


Daily Devotional – 6/12/18 “Stand firm in faith!”

Look, I know you are hard pressed when the enemy has deliberately disrupted your day but that is his job. You have to understand something. When you pray for God to open doors and He does, the enemy opens distractions. When you pray for God to enlarge your territory and He does, the enemy sends termites (folk to feed on your prosperity) to eat away the structure. When you pray for a harvest and it happens, the enemy sends weeds to choke out your fruit. IT IS HIS JOB! This is why it is important to eat, digest and regurgitate God’s word because bible says in 1 Peter 5:8, “Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” Devour means eat hungrily or quickly, consume destructively or be totally absorbed by an unpleasant feeling. Baby, the enemy does not show up to play with you, he comes to slay you. Want to know how you can survive without being devoured. Stop entertaining him when he shows up. In other words, stop dabbling in mess. Stop trying the quick fix schemes. Stop falling for the smooth talk. Resist the urge to go back to what used to make you feel good and fight the feeling to reply to that text. For 1 Peter 5:9 continues and it says, “But resist him, firm in your faith, knowing that the same experiences of suffering are being accomplished by your brethren who are in the world.”

BUT RESIST HIM, FIRM IN YOUR FAITH! What does this mean? It means, although I can’t see it, I will faith it until it happens. Even though it doesn’t make sense right now, I’ll faith it until I understand. Yea, I might be lonely but I’ll lay in my faith until God sends me who is mine. I want to get even but I’ll let faith do the fighting. I can’t see how I’m going to make it but I got faith so it has to work on my behalf. Sickness getting worse but my faith tells me God is a healer. Folk praying for my downfall but my faith tells me, God rewards those who diligently seek Him so when I want to succumb, I’ll submit to God instead. When I want to surrender, I’ll stand tall in faith knowing whatever God has for me, is for me and no man or enemy can keep me from it. Therefore, I rejoice in knowing I must endure tribulation before I can enter the kingdom of God. Beloved, your work is not in vain. All I need you to do is stay the course because in due time you’ll hear, all clear for takeoff. In the meantime, before you take flight; prepare for the turbulence so you will not be caught off guard.