Daily Devotional – 5/5/20 “Do it again!”

The enemy has confused you into believing you won’t succeed or nothing you set out to do will prosper. That funky enemy has you fighting yourself, sabotaging your relationship and thinking crazy thoughts. You got up today messy as hell because you laid down with the enemy attached to your back. Beloved, it’s the enemy’s job to get you to ruin relationships, fail at your job, flunk out of class, hold off on opening the business, not beat the addiction, hush and not pray and shut your bible. He also knows you don’t believe enough in yourself, so he’ll plant the small seed of doubt and sit back to watch you destroy everything God purposed for your life.

However, I have enough crazy faith to declare that whatever the enemy is trying to do in the lives of folk around me today won’t prosper! I have enough praying power within me to shift whatever attack the enemy thought was about to prevail! I got enough faith on the inside of me that whatever the enemy was getting ready to release won’t even ignite into a flame. For whoever you are who’s suffering in your pit, I urge you to cry out to God. I don’t care if you’ve cried the last seven days straight, make today number eight and continue until He answers. Whoever you are, being tormented with the demons of your thoughts, I need you to turn it over to God, He’s waiting on you to release it. Whoever you are, who’s drowning in your sorrows, stand up and surrender to God.

Today, I’m praying for you even when you don’t know it because the enemy can’t have you and I will make sure he knows it. Whoever you are, who needs to be reminded that someone is praying for you, here I am. If you need to be reminded that someone believes in you, here I am. If you need to be reminded that someone cares, here I am. I’m praying with and for you that your faith, especially now, does not fail.

Yes, I know you’ve probably tried, and it didn’t work but do it again until it does. If you happen to fall, get up and do it again. If it breaks you, heal then do it again. If it makes you cry, cry then do it again. If you must scream, scream but do it again. If you have to throw everything away, scrap it then do it again. I believe in you and you got this!


Daily Devotional – 4/14/20 “My Passover”

We’re in the Passover season. It officially started April 8th and will end on April 16th. It’s a celebration of God’s people being freed from bondage in Egypt, the time when the Lord passed over the houses of the first born. Bible shares in Numbers nine and two, the Lord spoke to Moses saying, “Let the children of Israel keep the Passover at its appointed time.” As I’ve done before, when writing on the Passover, I will not tell you whether you should or shouldn’t observe it. However, what about celebrating what God has freed you from? Yes, at this very moment we’re dealing with the coronavirus and you might be saying, what’s there to celebrate? But baby, if God has freed you from anything, that’s worthy of a praise.

The cancer gene that kept attacking your family, but it passed you over. The diabetes, heart disease, arthritis that has crippled others, but it passed you over. The addiction that threatened your freedom to live but you’re sober and clean now; celebrate it. The whoremonger spirit that’s cleansed from your life, celebrate it. That abusive relationship you thought would kill you, but you made it out, celebrate it. That divorce you didn’t think you’d recover from, but you did, celebrate it.

When a person dies, don’t we have a home going celebration to celebrate the fact that they’ve been freed to an eternal glory? Then why don’t you celebrate whatever situation you’ve been freed from? Because baby, I don’t know about you but there’s some stuff God freed me from that had He not, I’d probably be out of my mind by now. If I just take a moment and think back on some of the stupid decisions, I made that almost kept me from seeing today, my soul rejoices. When I replay some of the stuff I got myself into, tears fall because I know I should’ve be dead. Yet, I’m alive.

Those things I done, the mistakes I made, the pits I visited, the headstone that almost had my name on it, the straight jacket I should have been in, the bridge I could be sleeping under, the debt I could be in, the jail cell that could have been my house, the disease that could be my story … BUT IT PASSED OVER. Those things passed over and because they did, I’m celebrating and calling it MY PASSOVER. What about you? What will you celebrate today instead of crying over?