Daily Devotional – January 15, 2020 “Dead battery!”

Last night, while watching the show #TheResident, there was a scene with a lady who had a device called a ventricular assist device (medical definition – an electromechanical device for assisting cardiac circulation, which is used either to partially or to completely replace the function of a failing heart), a device she’d had for five years. She shows up at the clinic, miles away from their home and over 3 hours away from a hospital and her battery starts to beep and she’d left the replacement ones at home. The problem, if the battery died so would she. The doctors make plans to meet someone with a battery, but it was going to take one and a half hours to get to them. One the ride over, she realizes she may not make it, so she tells her sister all the things she needs her to know, writing passwords and stuff (starring death in the face does that, why can’t we do this anyway but that’s another topic).

If you haven’t watched this episode, stop reading.

They make it to the meeting place and the battery is not there. They begin to tell her what to expect, in dying. She’s okay with it. The doctors walk away, leaving her with her sister to die peacefully and when the battery dies, SHE DOESN’T! See, the machine that had been placed within her to assist her heart, healed her heart but the only way she was able to know this, the battery had to die. The machine that she’d been carrying around for over 5 years had healed her heart and she was still depending on it because she thought it was the only way for her to live.

Why am I sharing this? For somebody who has been carrying around people and things you think you can’t live without. Baby, the only reason you think this is because the battery hasn’t died yet. Yeah, it’s beeped a few times, but you never let it die. Therefore, some of y’all are hanging on to dead relationships, sent to assist you and not keep you but because it’s comfortable, you don’t know if you’ll survive without it. You don’t want to get that divorce because you’re still on your spouse’s insurance and you don’t think you’ll be able to make it without it. That place of ministry, God sent you there for them to assist you, not keep you but you’re afraid of stepping into your calling. That job, it wasn’t meant to be long term but you’re fearful, so God is allowing things to happen because It’s the only way for you to get serious about your purpose.

In the literary world, right now, some authors have lost catalogues of work. I don’t know the full story and I won’t speculate but I’m throwing this in for them. Just maybe God allowed your battery to die (the publishing stuff) to thrust you into the place already prepared that you couldn’t see due to the comfortability. God says, that place was only meant to assist you, not keep you. The battery died, YOU DIDN’T!

Your battery, that thing you’re comfortable with that’s keeping you out of your place, your destiny, your purpose and doing God’s business is dying BUT YOU WON’T. Yes, it’s scary. Yes, it hurts. Yes, you don’t know what’s on the other side but trust God. Stop making plans for the funeral, it’s not your time. Stop preparing to die when God says this is your time to live. That thing, it prepared you, but it must die for you to know you can make it without it. Thank it for the assistance and then let it go.

“Sacrifice thank offerings to God, fulfill your vows to the Most High, and call on me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor me.” Psalm 50:14-15

Daily Devotional – 1/13/20 “I pray, again, this year…”

I shared this on last year and I think I’m going to share it every year. Why? Because my prayer for you, doesn’t change. See, this year, just like last year; I’m praying this will be the acceptable year of the Lord, concerning you. This year, I pray you give God a full yes, become more faithful to Him and His call on your life, find and connect with a church home, take the limits off God, love yourself more, make your time valuable, end fruitless relationships, speak against fear, take off the glasses of hurt, be healed and made whole, overcome, be set free, find comfort in your grief, refuse to let depression have the last say, deal with the buried anger, apologize for your wrong and make amends, gain the strength to say no, forgive yourself, forgive those who hurt you, stop counting those who don’t support you and appreciate those who do, tap into your courage and strength to love yourself enough to get out of a bad/abusive relationship and learn your worth; secure the bag (bag i.e. money), learn how to manage said bag, become debt free, charge your worth and be okay when ‘they’ decline to pay it, publish the book, get your business license and step out on faith, get that check-up (physically and spiritually), take your medicine, talk to a therapist, go to rehab, take your medicines and own your truth!

Yeah, this is one long run on sentence but for this year to be “THE YEAR,” you’ve got to repent, go and sin no more. For this year to work for you, you’ve got some work to do and it doesn’t start by making resolutions you know you will not keep. For things to be different, it starts with you. Let go of what you’ve gotten comfortable in, if it doesn’t fit with your purpose. Walk away from what doesn’t have the ability to push you to be better. Stop giving yourself away to what used to make you feel good, temporarily. FIND YOU! I pray this year; you change your way of thinking and how you react. Change your expectations and trust the power of God and what He created within you. Be more specific in your prayers to God. Spend more time studying the bible and in communion with God. Take time away from social media. Fast and consecrate yourself. Learn the value of tithing and sowing seeds. Find your purpose, learn it, study it, craft it, pray about it and faith it.

18, biblically means bondage; 19, biblically means faith but 20, biblically means, the cycles of completeness connected to a perfect period of waiting, labor or suffering that is compared to a trial and rewarded. I pray this year … your cycles of struggle, lack, unforgiveness, unbelief, self-sabotage etc. ends and with everything you’ve endured; you get a double portion of inheritance and your joy never ends (Isaiah 61).