Daily Devotional – 2/10/17 “Make me careful!”

Yesterday, I came across a song on YouTube titled, “Make me careful,” being sung by Tamela Mann. I’d never heard it before but in the lyrics she says, “Much is given, much is required yet I am a servant but sometimes I get tired. I won’t complain, this is my prayer; a job I must do until I am over there. Make me careful of what I’m asking for. Make me careful of what I’m praying for.” See, many times we ask for things, in prayer, without realizing the cost. We get in the midst of darkness and instead of seeking God who is the light, we begin bartering, asking for things we think we need yet never really taking into account what comes with it. What do I mean? With a new house or car comes new responsibility of paying and taking care of it. When you open a business, it requires a lot of your time. When you accept God’s call on your life, it comes with demands that sometimes overshadows your personal life. When you pastor a church, it comes with the personality of every person you shepherd. When you ask God for the blessing, you also get the burden. This is why we have to be careful of what we ask for. We have to be mindful of praying for stuff while in a crisis that we can’t handle when it is over. Because beloved, there’s some blessings that come with chains, hurt and pain. There’s some gifts that come with groans and some elevations with enemies already attached. And if you aren’t careful, you’ll end up cursing your blessing. This is why you have to be careful because you may just get what you ask for.

Dear Lord,
Make us careful of the things we ask for that we may not be able to handle. Lord, even when we think we need that which we are praying for, make us careful to not ask for stuff that takes us out of your will. Lord, block anything that hinders your call on our life. Make us careful so that we only receive what you have for us. Lord, we know that what we receive becomes what is required of us so let us not ask for things that will dampen the light within us. Block anything we ask for that brings more harm than happiness, more worry than wonders, more stress than strength, more pain than praise, more tears than testimonies and more burdens than blessings. Lord God, make us careful that we don’t ask for what we can’t handle. Make us careful that we don’t seek stuff we can’t hold. Make us careful that we don’t move too fast into something we aren’t ready for. Lord, make us careful so that we don’t miss what you have for us trying to get what’s not meant.


Daily Devotional – 7/7/15 “God will give you what ask for …”

You asked God to enlarge your territory and when He cleared those unfriendly folk from grazing in your pasture, He was giving you room; why are you looking lost? You should be roaming in the fields trying to see where you should be planting your harvest. You asked God to elevate you the next level and now that the folk on the job increased your work load, why are you complaining? You do know that with elevation comes enlarged responsibilities, don’t you? You asked God to send you a husband but now you’re complaining because the mailman is hitting on you. You ask God to manifest His gift in you then you complain when folk ask you to use it. You ask God to use you spiritually then you got the audacity to say no when the pastor call on you. Baby, be careful what you ask God for! See, when you ask God for things, He allows them to be manifested in the natural. It’s not so He can see if we will fail in doing that which we’ve asked of Him but it’s because He’s providing for His children. Luke 11:9 says, “And so I tell you, keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you.” For Luke 11:10 picks up and says, “For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened.”

This is why you have to be careful what you ask for, if you aren’t ready to receive. Stop asking God to open doors that you know you are fearful to walk into! You ought to know by now that God didn’t make His children with a component of fear. Build your faith up! Stop asking God to elevate you to places and then when you get there you realize you are petrified of heights. Chile, don’t you know being in God’s hands in the best parachute to be in? He won’t let you fall even if you happen to fall? Build your faith up! All I am saying is this … When you ask God for something; He gives you that which you ask for but greater. When you ask for water, He gives you living water. When you ask for life, He gives you living. When you ask for a blessing, He gives you an inheritance. When you ask for a gift, He gives you a talent. When you ask for a husband, He sends you a help mate. When you ask for a financial blessing, He sends you favor. And when you ask for grace, He sends grace and mercy! God gives you what you ask for but you have to be ready to receive it. Don’t ask in vain.