Daily Devotional – 10/25/19 “The ministry of the deuces!”

Dear sister and brother,

Stop feeling guilty for walking away from an unhealthy environment, relationship, job, friendship, situationship or place of worship. Read these words carefully … YOU ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO STAY WHERE YOU ARE BEING HURT, USED, TAINTED, MISTREATED, WALKED OVER, LIED ON AND ETC.! Sure, there are times our assignments and relationships are hard but willingly putting up with the nastiness of folk, for the sake of saying you hold a position … HELL NO! When God sent out the twelve disciples to heal, teach and reach the people; He gave them some valuable advice. Yes, I know this devotional isn’t about sending you out to do the same but the advice, He gave then, allow it to bless you, now. He told them in Matthew 10:12-14, “As you enter the house, give it your greeting. If the house is worthy, give it your blessing of peace. But if it is not worthy, take back your blessing of peace. Whoever does not receive you, nor heed your words, as you go out of that house or that city, shake the dust off your feet.”

Baby, some of y’all are suffering because you haven’t been blessing folk with the ministry of the deuces (two fingers you throw to tell folk, I’m out and goodbye). See, truth is, you need to learn the difference between suffering for Christ’s sake and suffering for folk. Suffering for God has its rewards but suffering for folk has its repercussions. Suffering for Christ is meaningful but suffering for position, well that’s useless. Beloved, lookahere, you are not obligated to heal a grown man or woman. You are not obligated to fix their brokenness. You are not obligated to stay and be walked over. You are not obligated, pastor, to be somebody’s stepping stone. You are not obligated, daughter/son, to be somebody’s punching bag. You are not obligated, ma’am/sir, to be somebody’s atm. You are not obligated, dear employee, to be used. And for the love of all things Holy, stop staying because you see potential without actuals. Fire has potential too, to either keep you warm or burn you up. All I’m saying is, be happy and if you’re not, stop feeling guilty for choosing to be. And that ministry of the deuces, it’ll bless your spirit and your sanity.

Your sister in Christ, Lakisha

Daily Devotional – 10/23/19 “God took a chance”

The last few months, I’ve been intentional about my prayer life. In the mornings, instead of grabbing my phone, I sit in fellowship with God. Before my feet hit the floor, I thank God and then I ask Him to set the order of my day. This morning was no different but I felt different because I have a deeper appreciation for what God has allowed, in my life. This is why, my words to Him this morning were “God, thank you for taking a chance on me.” See, I always took for granted God’s need of me. When the truth of the matter is, He doesn’t yet He took a chance on me.

When I was being selfish, mean, angry, bitter, sinful and all the other words to describe my mess; God was still willing to take a chance on me. When I wasn’t fitting to live but fearful of dying, God was stilling willing to take a chance on me. When I was ignoring Him and blatantly disrespecting this vessel He created; He was still waiting to take a chance on me. When I was acting holy, playing church every Sunday, knee deep in sin and halfway repenting; He still took a chance on me. Y’all this thang hit differently when you come to understand that God doesn’t need us, not when He can make rocks cry out and donkeys talk; yet He takes a chance on us. There’s an old gospel song that says, “He chose me, out of all that He could have used, He chose me.” Is that great news to anybody other than me? Is there anybody else who’s grateful to God for choosing us, to use?

Even with assignments that aggravate us, blessings that burden us, circumstances that confuse us, detours that distract us, evilness that engulfs us, fights that frustrates us, grievances that gird us, hurt that hinder us, injustices that infuriates us, jealousies we’re judged by, kicks that knock us down, longsuffering we labor with, mishandlings in ministry, nosey instigators, oppositions, persecutions, questions, restlessness, sacrifices, trouble and troublemakers, ungodliness, valleys and vexes, weaknesses and yokes (There’s no x or z, stop looking) … God still deems us worthy enough of being chosen to handle them all.

So, press through the spiritual abuse we sometimes have to suffer, the valleys we sometimes fall victim too because God took a chance on you. And because He did, there’s an even greater chance of you surviving. How do I know? Because God gives us chance after chance, every time and if He didn’t believe in us; He’s given up by now. When it gets hard, remember this … God took a chance on you. #tryagain #Goddid