Daily Devotional – 1/17/18 “My next move may be my best move!”

One of the things I like to do, in my limited downtime, is play Farm Hero Saga. I absolutely love this game. What I have noticed while playing is, if you get stuck and cannot figure out a move, the game will give you a hint. Sometimes, though, the hints look as if they aren’t helpful for me to win. What I mean is, it looks like the hint will actually give me something I don’t need. But then I realized, making the move that didn’t look usable actually set me up to win. And for somebody, right now today, you are looking at something that doesn’t fit within the scope of your vision board. You are staring at somebody who didn’t actually meet the requirements on your list. You are contemplating saying no to something or somebody, simply because it/they don’t look as if they are right for the plan you made. Yes, you had it all mapped out because you’ve studied the board but then the next move, you really need to make, isn’t there. Instead you received something tell you to go left when you’ve planned to go right. Well beloved, sometimes the very thing you’re looking at that doesn’t make sense, doesn’t fit and doesn’t look like it belong; could be the one thing that sets you up to win.

Okay, so he doesn’t meet all the requirements of your tall, dark and handsome but he’s short, light and a little bit cute; however he loves you, is a great father and hard worker who pushed you to go back to school. Okay, she isn’t the type you’d typically go for because you’re looking for cute in the face and thin in the waist but she’s a lady who is a little heavier in the waist and takes care of her face; however, she can throw down in the kitchen (and bedroom), faithful and knows what it means to be a helpmate who helped you open that barbershop. Sure, you have your business plan and it looked great to you but it’s been denied three times. You can’t understand why God will allow it but then you get a job, in the same field that now gives you access to the information you need to rework the plan and get approved. You’re sick and can’t seem to get well. You’ve been going to the same doctor for years, the only one you’ll see but then one day, he/she gets sick and you have to see someone else. You’re skeptical at first because the new doctor looks too young but he/she notices an issue with current medicines due to some changes made to it that interacts with your diabetes. Sometimes beloved, the move in front of you is the one set up to make you win. It may not look like it, it may take you out of your comfort zone and it may even knock you back a few steps but if your heart is in God and you trust Him like you say you do, you can be sure the hints God gives are always for your good.


Daily Devotional – 1/16/18 “Start with goodbye!”

Here it is, the third week of the New Year and you’ve been doing, almost, everything right. You’ve been to church every Sunday, bible study once and you’ve even been faithful to the church’s fast. You created the vision board. You’ve prayed, shouted ‘I surrender,’ and told God you’re letting go yet it still feels like life is in a downward spiral. You’re emotionally drained because you cannot sleep and instead of vitamins, doctor says you may be depressed. You’re trying to budget but then the flu happened and it put you behind, again. The kids and spouse are acting half way right but that job, it is an entirely different story. You said you’d pray more and you have but nothing has manifested. You’ve been to the altar, got prophesied over and still nothing. Well beloved, maybe it’s because you haven’t really surrendered. Maybe you haven’t, for real, let go. Sure, on the surface, it looks like it but dig deep. Go on and take a for real look and tell me what you see. Do you still see the old text messages you occasionally go through? Do you still see the inboxes? Do you still see their social media pages? Do you still see the stuff they left at your place? Do you still see the programs, you won’t throw away, from the church you left? In other words, do you see the attachment you still have to your past?

You do know the heart never lies, right? You do know that staying connected to emotional stuff can drain you spiritually, right? Why do you think your new relationship doesn’t work? It can’t when you’re comparing it to the old. Why do you think you’re still stagnant at the new church? You can’t move when you keep saying, we didn’t do it this way at my old church. Trying to do something new with an old mentality is like putting a new garbage bag in a funky garbage can, remove the bag and you will still smell the stench. Yes, the New Year can be new for you when you’re ready. That’s when you for real surrender and for real let go. Stop stalking their pages, answering the “Hey,” texts, showing up to support them and being pulled back to the place you left. Stop pulling off the scab and let the wound close AND heal. Sever the ties that bind. Forgive and/or apologize and move on. Write the eulogy, have the funeral, perform the burial and grieve it. But it starts with goodbye.