Daily Devotional – 9/11/17 “Check yourself Monday!”

We, often times, find ourselves questioning God. “God, where are you?” “God, are you listening?” “God, when will it be my time?” But have you ever stopped to really hear God’s response? Have you ever stopped to answer the questions God has of you? Which, if you haven’t noticed are the same as the ones you ask Him. He’s asking, “Where are you?” Especially when the harvest is ripe yet no laborers willing to pick. He’s asking, “Child, when will it be my time?” Especially when you’ve been spending time with everybody but Him. God is even asking, “Are you listening?” Especially when it’s your spiritual ears that are clogged with all things natural. So, let’s call today what it is, Check Yourself Monday. Because if I shall tell the truth, a lot of us need to be checked. And instead of acting as if God has left you, think back and see if you are the one who actually left Him. Check you boo. What are you really doing? Are you praying like you say you are? Are you as holy as you portray to be? Are you as faithful as your social media looks? I get it, some days, the weight seems heavier than you remember. Sometimes it hurts to smile. Sometimes it is a struggle to get out of bed. Sometimes you can’t put the pills, drugs and alcohol down as easily as you thought. Sometimes, you will find yourself answering a call you said you would not. Sometimes, you will find yourself standing outside of a place you said you weren’t going anymore. And sometimes you don’t know what else to do. Well, today I challenge you to check yourself. Check who you are hanging with. Check what you are listening too. Check where you are going. Check what you are doing? And check the limits you have placed on God. Yes, God is listening but are you?


Daily Devotional – 9/1/17 “Six years later…”

Every year, on this date, I celebrate the start of my blog; Kisha’s Daily Devotional. Whether you are reading this from the site, via email, social media or if someone shared it with you; thank you. This blog was not created for me to get famous or for accolades because the truth of the matter is; this has never been about me. One day, I stepped out on faith and begin sharing with you, what God has been sharing with me. I’m just His messenger. And six (6) years, 1386 posts, 185,432K views from all over the world, 559 blog, 859 twitter and 341 Facebook followers later; we are still be here. It is not because I’ve been doing everything right, I still fall short sometimes. It is not because I have all the answers, I am still learning. It is not because of me, I have no power. Yet God has need of my voice and I vowed it to Him one Thursday to use it. Has it been easy, no but it has been worth it.

I have no idea what this next year will look like, what tomorrow holds for Lakisha neither where this anointing will take me but I packed for this journey the minute I said yes to God. And if one somebody steps out on faith, through this blog; if just one somebody gets closer to God, through this blog; if just one somebody says YES to God through this blog; my work isn’t in vain. I seek to serve God with all of me and that sometimes means sharing with you, even when I don’t feel like it or even sharing some personal struggles and testimonies with you even if I never meet you personally. This blog isn’t just mine but it is OURS for me to tell you not to allow fear to hold you hostage in the boat, step out on faith. You will not believe this (maybe you will) but the most viewed post ever is one from 2/24/12, “Write your vision, make it plain,” with over 1,891 views (and it is a long post). I will share with you the ending. It says, “Trust in God when it comes to His word because He won’t leave you nor forsake you. Stop being bound by fear and step out on faith because faith is a belief in what you do not see but acting as if it is already done. Through faith you receive favor and favor makes you fruitful and being fruitful means you’re fulfilling the need and once the need is fulfilled then you’re rewarded! Not a reward by man but rewarded by God who keeps dropping blessings in your bucket even when you don’t deserve them.”