Daily Devotional – 10/28/15 “Are you ashamed?”

Why is it that we, as Saints of God, can’t have an opinion without trying to sound holier than thou? Why is it that as Saints of God, we back down from our biblical thoughts to keep from ruffling the world’s feathers? Why is it hard to accept something coming from the man or woman in the pulpit but not from folk in the streets? I mean we get all bent out of shape when the pastor or preacher teaches the truth because we don’t want to hear it. Ma’am, sir; I don’t know if you’ve realized this yet but um … it’s time out for sugar-coating the word of God to appease folk’s feelings. It’s time out for worrying about if someone will think you’re talking about them. It’s time we start telling folk the truth. Yes sir, yes ma’am; you might be going to hell if you aren’t living right. Brother Deacon, God isn’t pleased with the lackadaisical praying you’ve being doing. Sister choir member, God won’t bless your mess simply because you get up to sing yet your heart is full of hate. Dear usher, God isn’t pleased with your service every time you stand in judgment of folk. Pastor, God surely isn’t delighted with the half service you’ve been giving. Oh member, yes God knows your heart but that doesn’t mean He is accepting of you coming to church only to stay on your phone the entire time.

When will we, as God’s chosen, get to being about God’s business? Yea, I saw that scripture you posted but do you even understand it? Yes, I see you going to worship but how’s your witnessing? Yea, I see you acting loving towards folk but how’s your living? Please understand; you don’t have to defend your biblical views, assignment, favor, calling or ministry work to folk but it should match with how you’re living. God should be seen in every aspect of your life and not just on Sunday. Of course, we all make mistakes but don’t allow them to stop you from being who you are. Don’t allow folk’s views to shape you into something other than whom you are. I choose God because He chose me (flaws and all). I love God because He loves me (mistakes and all). I get that some folk may not like me anymore, I’m okay with that. Who will you choose? Who are you rolling with? Don’t allow your opinion to change because people start chiming in. Be who you are called to be and don’t be ashamed of it. For the bible says in Mark 8:38, “If anyone is ashamed of me and my message in these adulterous and sinful days, the Son of Man will be ashamed of that person when he returns in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.”

Daily Devotional – 3/10/15 “Who are you claiming?”

Who are you claiming? What set you representing? Who are you down with? Oh and who are you up with? Isn’t it strange how we are ride or die for our football teams yet we won’t go to church in the rain? Yea, we will buy shirts, license plates, flags for our cars, hats, blankets, jerseys and even decorations for the house in our favorite team color and logos yet we won’t even pay our tithes. We get our boo name tattooed on our bodies yet we won’t give our heart to God. We give all our attention to social media and none to the message that God left in His word. Who are you claiming? Dearly beloved, God didn’t say we couldn’t enjoy life because Ecclesiastes 2:24 says, “There is nothing better for a man, than that he should eat and drink, and that he should make his soul enjoy good in his labour. This also I saw, that it was from the hand of God,” but in doing so don’t forget about the one who gave you life! Yea, you can rep your favorite team but don’t allow that to overshadow the ultimate team leader, God. Yea, you can love your boo but God should always be the head. You can have a life but let it be pleasing unto God. You don’t have to stop dancing when you become a Christian, just change some of the moves, partners and places. You don’t have to stop drinking but be mindful of what you consume because the bible says wine is good for the stomach but nobody should get drunk. You don’t have to stop living but live in your purpose! Don’t be ashamed to rep God because then He’ll be ashamed to rep you! Don’t be only down for God but be for God when you’re up as well. Who are you claiming? Can you honestly finish this sentence? “As for me and my house …”

Be a willing worker for God, who is not ashamed yet one who truthfully handles His word by studying to present yourself as one of God’s approved (2 Timothy 2:15)!