Daily Devotional – 4/13/16 “Adjusting to the wrong thing!”

I saw a post that showed a frog inside a pot. The post said that the frog will adjust its body to the temperature of the water. So, I had to google this. In fact, Wikipedia says this … If you put a frog in hot water, it’ll jump out but if you put a frog in cold water and gradually increase the heat; the frog may be killed. Why? Well because although the frog’s body did adjust, it didn’t recognize the impending danger of the water getting hot so it stayed there and could eventually die. I know you’re wondering why I’m sharing this but look; many of us, Saints of God, have gotten into situations that had it been hot (not worth it in the beginning) we would have jumped out of it but because we started in it when it was cold, we’ve allowed ourselves to adjust to the mess we’re in. Yea, we’ve tied ourselves to folk we are spiritually unyoked with and we’ve adjusted to it. We get up on Sundays and go to church but leave them at home saying, “You going to that church again”. We hang out with folks who mean us no good because in the beginning they acted as if they’d change but in actuality all they were doing was warming us up to their ways. And now we’ve adjusted. Don’t believe me?

You used to go to bible study and at the start of the relationship; he/she was cool with it. Oh but now, since you’ve been there a while, they start making plans on the night they know you have bible study. You miss the first one and say you won’t miss the next one until you look and realize you’ve stopped going all together. You said you were going to abstain from sex until God sends your husband. You meet Ray and he’s acceptable to it, at first. Then he starts making comments, “Other women do it for their man,” and before long you’ve adjusted your body to the temperature of his water and stayed. You’re a member of said church and you know good and well you aren’t being spiritually fed but you’re comfortable there and now you’ve adjusted your spirituality to accept what’s been offered even though it’s not helping you. My question to you is, when will you stop adjusting to the wrong thing? Don’t you feel the water on your skin? Isn’t it hot? When will you get out? Oh, you’re waiting. Then you get out and realize the water was hotter than you thought and now you have second degree burns that have tainted your skin and your spirit. Yea, you’ve adjusted to the mess you’re in and still trying to figure out where God is. Chile, He’s where you left Him before you went in the pot. Get out and get Him!

“So you must live as God’s obedient children. Don’t slip back into your old ways of living to satisfy your own desires. You didn’t know any better then.” – 1 Peter 1:14


Daily Devotional – 2/1/16 “Are you ready?”

As a Saint of God, I won’t lie and tell you this journey is always easy because sometimes it can get overwhelming. I’m not just talking about me but I’m talking about all Saints of God. But being in ministry, for me, it’s even harder. Why? Well, because you have people looking up to and looking at you. For this reason, we have to be a good example but please understand this … we have flaws too. How do I know? Everybody has flaws. However, that’s not the basis of the devotional today. To be honest, I don’t have a specific topic in mind. And as I sit and pray for God’s guidance on a specific word for this devotional, for even bible study, sermons, encouraging words; etc., sometimes it doesn’t come until I begin writing. That’s when the Holy Spirit intercedes on my behalf. Because it is then, God leads me to share with someone what they’ve been asking Him for. I know you may ask, “Why didn’t God tell me?” Maybe it’s because you aren’t listening. See, I’ve come to realize that God will send a word to you in any form, to get your attention. This is why if you ask of God, you have to be willing to receive of God. Oh but it may not be the answer you thought it would be. Yet, accept it.

I’ve been praying lately for guidance on a number of things and I’m waiting on God to respond. I don’t know when or how I’ll get the message but I’m waiting. What about you? What have you been praying for? Are you waiting? Well in your waiting, don’t rush God because you may not be ready to hear what it is He’s going to say. And don’t count God out because He moves in His time. What have you been asking for? You don’t have to tell me, it was simply a question to get you to think. Are you really ready for that? You ask God to open more doors, to enlarge your territory, to send you a spouse or maybe it’s for a promotion on your job; you ready? You can’t complain when you get what you’ve been asking for, when you asked. If you aren’t spiritually prepared to receive what you’ve been asking for in this natural space you’re in, stop asking. The same way you have to prepare for a test, an interview, a race, a workout, to write a book, to minister, to sing or perform; is the same way you have to be prepared to receive that which you’re asking for. Are you ready? Don’t take a long time to figure it out especially if you’ve already asked.

“Whatever is good and perfect comes down to us from God our Father, who created all the lights in the heavens. He never changes or casts a shifting shadow. He chose to give birth to us by giving us his true word. And we, out of all creation, became his prized possession.” James 1:17-18