Daily Devotional – 6/27/14 “Are you not tired yet?”

Now that you know you’re simply a sinner who has been saved and now called saint (Sinners Abiding In New Territory), aren’t you tired of running from God? Aren’t you tired of playing with the calling that God has placed over your life? Aren’t you tired of getting dressed up on Sunday just to go play church? Aren’t you tired of acting like you got it all together when you need to let go and let God? Aren’t you tired of putting on a face to portray someone you’re not? Are you not tired yet? Aren’t you tired of being mentally abused by someone who isn’t even yours? Aren’t you tired of being hurt by someone who promised to never hit you again? Aren’t you tired of peeping and hiding because you’re with someone else’s spouse? Aren’t you tired of living in someone else house? Are you not tired yet? Aren’t you tired of begging from folks? Aren’t you tired of stealing? Aren’t you tired of being messy? Are you tired of being the starter of trouble? Aren’t you tired of being the person folk don’t like to see coming? Aren’t you tired of tired of posting all of your business on Facebook? Are you not tired yet? Aren’t you tired of laughing at folk’s shout because you’ve yet to tap into the Holy Spirit who lives inside of you? Aren’t you tired of acting like God hasn’t been good to you? Are you tired of downplaying someone else dance when you should be joining in? Aren’t you tired of being in your pity party? Are you not tired yet?

Baby, all you have to do is watch the news, read the newspaper, visit a funeral home, hospital, homeless shelter or mission and you’ll realize how fast your life can change. Don’t you understand that it’s time NOW to get your life together? If you died today, would someone be able to stand up and speak on your behalf or would they have to lie? But I guess you think you got time, don’t you? Honey on your best day, you’re sick enough to die and I should tell you that Matthew 24:36 says, “But concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only.” So, go on thinking you have time because although tomorrow is promised, you aren’t promised to see it. When will you be tired of all the games, mess and foolishness? Aren’t you tired of running instead of reaping, tired of crying instead of answering God’s call, tired of wandering when you could be worshipping, tired of falling and failing when you should be faithful, tired of being weary when you should be willing, tired of stumbling when you should be sanctified in the spirit, tired of pacing when you should be partaking in the promise of God, tired of being a victim when you should be vigilant in your victory, tired of being bound when you’ve already been bought and tired of being broken when you’ve been beautifully built? Are you not tired yet? You should be!