Daily Devotional – 12/4/15 “Are you excited?”

I’m excited! Not just because my seventh fiction novel released today but I am excited at what God is doing in my life. Not only that but I am excited about what God is going to do, in my life. See, I’m excited about the fact that God is going to bless me. I’m excited about the doors that God will allow me to walk through. I’m excited about the tables He’s going to allow me to eat from. I’m excited about the places I’ve yet to even go. Why? Because as long as I hold out on the possibility that it can happen, I have something to look forward too. God told me if I ask Him, it shall be given so I get excited during my waiting. Beloved, sometimes we need to make our own selves excited. We should get excited when we think on what we ask God for, even if we’ve yet to receive it. We ought to be excited just knowing that God will. We ought to get exceedingly glad just knowing that God can. Why? Because He does and He never fails!

Yea, I could compile the long list of ‘you got this but want this’, things that should be, things that you’ve been praying for but haven’t got, I could probably tell you the numerous times you’ve knocked but haven’t gotten an answer but why do that? We all know what God is capable of, don’t we? We’ve seen Him work in others and for some of you, He’s worked on you too so why can’t we get excited for what we haven’t received yet? As long as I have assurance that it’ll be here, I’m excited. Some folks are excited right now that tax time is around the corner. Well, why can’t we be just as excited about the blessings that God has, around the corner? Why do we have to wait until it’s dropped in our lap? Baby, I don’t know about you but I get excited looking at my vision that’s about to come into fruition. I get excited when I sow the seed knowing that I’ll soon reap from its benefit. I get excited when I think about where God is going to take me. I get excited when I sit down and think on what He could have done but didn’t. We need to get to a place where we can get excited about this spiritual walk. It isn’t easy all the time but it’s surely worth it. I’m excited about God. I’m excited about what He’s done, getting ready to do and will do. What about you?