Daily Devotional – 3/12/18 “The need to be stretched!”

God will put you in a painful place, intentionally and allow you to hurt. God will deliberately place you around folk who talk about you, all day long and you’ll know it. God is going to assign you some stuff to do, you know don’t make sense to your natural. God is going to strategically place you at tables with the same folk who have denied you access, more than once. God is going to send you into places ‘they’ said you didn’t deserve entrance too. God is going to give you First Class tickets to platforms people said you didn’t belong and you’ll see them roll their eyes. God is going to methodically put you in covenant with some people who have screenshots of you in their phone. Those same ones who wake up every morning talking about you in group texts will be the very ones God sends you to help. And He’s going to fill the audience with people who will never clap for you. You want to know why? It’s to stretch you. Beloved, God is stretching those who have been in the background, passed their time. God is stretching those of us who have been overworked and underpaid. God is stretching those of us who has a sound for this season. God is stretching those of us whose shoulders are now strong enough to carry the mantle. God is stretching those of us who are now capable of paying the cost for oil. God is stretching those of us who are no longer afraid but now are willing.

But why do we need to be stretched? To keep motion in our joints, to prevent muscle fatigue and to keep us from snapping. You don’t have to believe me but pick up a rubber band that has been sitting somewhere for a while and stretch it. More than likely, it’ll snap. When you work out and you don’t stretch (before and after); you may find it hard to move the next day. This is because there has been no mobility given to the joints/muscles. Oh but had you stretched, you would still feel the workout but you’ll be able to handle it better. So you see, God has no choice but to stretch those of us He is about to use. This is to ensure we can handle the pulls and the pushes and still be able to move afterwards. And it’s to make sure we can be stretched and then bounce back to look like nothing ever happened. Sure, it’s going to hurt but that is only for us to remember being stretched in the first place because when we do; it ought to make us thankful to have survived. If that isn’t enough, think about this … if Jesus could stretch out His arms for us, when we didn’t deserve it, surely we can be momentarily stretched for Him because He does.


Daily Devotional – 3/6/18 “Thank you for using me!”

I know this is going to be hard to stomach but you have to thank folk who took advantage of you. Read it again because I need it to sink in. You have to thank those who maliciously used you because it made you the strong person you are now. Those folk who abused you, thank them. Those who lied on you, thank them. Those who mishandled your gifts, thank them. Those who used you, thank them. Those who profited from your work, thank them. Thank them for doing it while you were in your suffering because now they have no rights to say they had a part in your elevation. Thank them for trying to corrupt your vision while you were trying to build your business because now they have no access to your brand. Thank them for trying to kill you then because now you realize, your life has meaning. Thank them for talking about you while nobody knew your name because now, they have nothing more to say. Thank them for telling the story of your past because it was them that got somebody to recognize the gift you really where. Thank them for walking out because it made room for you to see who was really meant to be there.

Beloved, thank those who took advantage of you. Give them their props for being the greatness you now are. Tip your hat to them, include them in your acknowledgements, call their name in your acceptance speech and dedicate your first book to them. Thank them for giving you the chance to see the wrong in order to appreciate the right. Thank the old spouse for not appreciating you, the old boss for undervaluing you, the old publisher for misusing you, the old doctor for misdiagnosing you, the old friends for walking out on you, the old co-workers who laughed at you and the old pastor for overlooking you. You even have to thank the past because had it not been for it, you never would have been able to look at your present with eyes of gratitude. Thank those who took advantage of you because whether you know it, you needed them. Here is my testimony. “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives, Genesis 50:20.”