Daily Devotional – 3/28/19 “You’ve come too far!”

I’ve been writing or I’ve been published now for over seven years yet, would you believe, it wasn’t until 2018 that I saw a return on my investment. I haven’t met my goal of one million pages read on Kindle Unlimited, yet. I haven’t doubled my income, yet, I haven’t been able to pay off all our debt, yet. I haven’t won any book awards, yet but here’s the thing though … I will. You want to know how? I will not stop. Not as long as God keeps waking me, using me and gracing me for this … I will not stop. Why am I sharing this? For somebody who is thinking about giving up because things haven’t been what you were expecting. For somebody who is looking at their vision board and nothing has manifested, no matter what you do. For somebody who is feeling discouraged with everybody and everything. I get it. You have a gift but it hasn’t made room for you. You’ve been called to preach but nobody is calling you to preach. You have talents, pouring from your belly but they will not feed your family. You’ve gone when you didn’t feel like it, supported folk with your last who didn’t return the favor and been faithful yet every time you turn it feels like you’ve got to fight to keep from drowning. Well beloved, don’t stop. Yeah, yeah; I know you’re probably asking … how can I keep going when I’m doggone tired, why would I keep going when I doggone tired and what sense does it make to keep going when I’m doggone tired? Here’s the short answer. BECAUSE YOU HAVE COME TO FAR TO QUIT!

Let’s say you’re on a roller coaster, call life. It’s one of the big, scary ones that has dips and turns that will snatch your wig. However, you’re strapped in and the only way you can potentially fall, to your death, is by unfastening your safety equipment (God). The ride begins and although you’ve seen the roller coaster from the ground, it means nothing once it starts to move because everything you thought you knew, left your mind. Now, you’re being tossed and shaken, turned upside down and zipped through dark tunnels but here’s the blessing. There’s an end, although you can’t see it. Would you rather the ride stop in the middle and take you back to the beginning, through all the stuff you’ve already made it pass or get you to the end? What I’m saying is, you’ve come too far to quit. Beloved, I don’t know what you’re waiting on, what basket you’ve put all your eggs in, what you’re praying will pay off or what you’ve been praying for but don’t quit. We serve a God who is able to do all we need, when we trust Him. Don’t give up because bible shares in Galatians 6:9, “And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up,” or 2 Chronicles 15:7, “But you, take courage! Do not let your hands be weak, for your work shall be rewarded.”

Daily Devotional – 1/11/17 “Frustrated but not wavering!”

I’ve been back in school a year now, working on my Bachelors of Science in Bible. I struggled with going back to school because it takes time and a LOT of money. I prayed and asked God to lead me to the right school with the right people and He did. Memphis Center for Urban Theological Studies (MCUTS). It meets my needs. Everything has been good. I spoke with our company’s tuition reimbursement department and my bible classes are covered. So I put in one request, no problem. Second request, ALL problems. See in the midst of me going to school our company merged and the new one doesn’t pay for bible classes. “They” said I can change my major but I don’t want a degree in Business, I desire one in Bible. Plus, I only have seven classes left. Ok God! Now, as I wait to get reimbursed from last semester, change after change. So, I go again to the dean of students (who has been great) saying, it’s going to be another 15 days, from the last time I told you 30 days ago, before I can close out my balance. On top of that, I now have to pay out-of-pocket. But you know what I told her this morning, I’m frustrated but not wavering.


I am sharing this because I need you to understand that when YOU can’t understand it, it’s God working. I BELIEVE THAT! See, someone is facing even harder obstacles and it seems easier just to wave the white flag or throw in the towel. Someone is looking into the darkness and about to turn around. Somebody opened an email and it was another denial. Sorted the mail and the check still hasn’t shown up. Going back to the doctor with no good news. Depending on some folk and they let you down. Calling for help and it still hasn’t shown up. Well beloved, you may be frustrated but don’t lose your faith. You may be discouraged but don’t you dare die yet. You may get depressed but don’t discard your deliverance. For just like me, you’ve got to believe something greater is headed your way. Yes, I am believing that if the enemy is trying this hard, it’s only because God has already signed the order of protection over my life. So, although we’re frustrated, we’ve got to still fight. Frustrated but don’t you fall. Instead, we’ll be frustrated but still faithful, favored and fearless! Because we still believe in God of breakthroughs. Even in the midst of your frustration, God is still God and He never fails!

“But you, take courage! Do not let your hands be weak, for your work shall be rewarded.” —2 Chronicles 15:7