Daily Devotional – 8/11/14 “Prayer “

Our Father in Heaven, you whose name is Holy, giver and taker of life, beginning and end, restorer of our faith, our joy, light in darkness, joy, hope for tomorrow; our all and all. As I come petitioning your throne; I first come with a mouth of thanksgiving for all the things you’ve done for me. Thank you for waking me up to another day, with the activity of my limbs, the use of my mind, my family still alive and well, with an appetite to eat, a home that’s still livable, a car that’s still drivable and a job that still workable. God, right now I thank you because it could have been me outdoors with no food. God, it could have been me, outdoors with no clothes. God, it could have been me shot by a stray bullet, arrested on false allegations, killed by a drunk driver or carjacked by a drug addict. It could have been me but you spared my life once again so for that alone I’ve got to thank you. Now God, as I petition your throne; I come praying for those who need you this morning. God, I come praying for the mother whose child didn’t come home last night and they don’t know where he or she is; I ask that you surround that child with your protection. God, I come praying for that mother/father who was woke up by the knock of the police officer with the devastating news that we need you to come and identify the body; cover them with your grace. God, I come praying for that mother/father who woke up from the nudge of the doctor who said we got the test results back and the news isn’t good and we don’t have any more tests to run for I know you to be a healer on either side of the dirt. God, I come praying for that daughter/son who has to make the decision to take momma/daddy off of life support for I know you are a comforter. God, I come praying for that son/daughter who is about to walk into the funeral home to make arrangements to lie their parent to rest for I know you to be peace. God, I come praying for that husband/wife who kissed their spouse goodbye without knowing it would be the last time for I know you to be a company keeper. God, I come praying for that child who won’t see their parent anymore and they feel like they don’t have anyone else and they feel like their security is gone for I know you to be everything they need. Oh God, I come right now; before you praying, pleading asking you to strengthen me so that I may be a vessel on this journey for those who may need me. God, somebody needs you and they’ve yet to accept you but they will. Somebody has accepted you but has yet to start working but they will. Someone needs you but is afraid to ask but they will. Someone has heard you calling and afraid to answer but I believe they will. God, here am I; standing before you willing, able and ready; use me. Use me Lord! I don’t know where you are about to take me but I have my bags packed and I am ready to go. God, I don’t know all those who I will come in contact with but I ask that you open my eyes to be able to see those who are for me and those who are against me. Turn my eyes and hearts from evil so that my work will be for you. God, I’m praying for those who need you today. I pray they open their hearts to allow you in. Keep them in your arms oh God. This pray I submit to you. Amen.

“Remember, it is better to suffer for doing good, if that is what God wants, than to suffer for doing wrong!” 1 Peter 3:17