Daily Devotional – 11/21/14 “We’ve got to get right!”

Don’t tell me my fault if you aren’t willing to tell me how to correct it and please don’t tell me my fault if you are still in yours. Don’t show me my wrong if you can’t show me how to correct it and please don’t show me mine if you are still doing yours. Don’t tell me I look hungry if you aren’t willing to feed me and don’t see me thirsty and don’t offer me a drink. Don’t tell me my house is dirty if you aren’t willing to help me clean and don’t sweep around my front door if you’ve yet to sweep around yours. Don’t pass me, if I am walking and you’re driving and wave if you aren’t willing to give me a ride and don’t offer me help if you aren’t genuine with your kindness. Don’t tell me how good God is if you aren’t willing to offer Him to me and don’t offer Him to me if you can’t tell me what He has done for you. 1 John 3:18 says, “Dear children, let’s not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions.”

All I am saying is this … Show me! Show me you love me, show me how to be better, show me how to correct my ways, simply show me! Oh, but don’t try to correct me unless you’re right first. How can you tell me what I am doing wrong if you have never been trained in the area of work? In order for you to save me, if I am lost, you have to first be saved; don’t you? I don’t mean a part-time saved Saint but I mean one that is always saved. I didn’t say a perfect saved Saint because we all sin and fall short but a full-time saved Saint is one whose light of God is always shining for people to see. You can’t be a part-time Christian and expect full-time benefits, that’s like working part-time and expecting a full-time check; it doesn’t work like that. We have to work together on this Christian walk, it’s hard! I need some help along the way. I need someone I can lean and depend on for those days I need hope but don’t come with a holier than thou attitude. Sometimes I don’t need what “Thus said the Lord,” I simply need a hug. Sometimes I don’t need a hug, I need prayer but you need to be able to see and acknowledge that and you do that with being right spiritually.