Daily Devotional – 8/14/18 “At the edge!”

On this 14th day of the eighth month, I had to stop and share a word for somebody who is right at the edge. You are at the edge of saying forget it all. You are right at the edge of ending it all and at the edge of walking away from it all. Why, because at the edge is where the pain is becoming too much, the tears are becoming more frequent, the darkness is staying longer and the hurt that used to be done in secret is now deliberately in the open. The edge is where promises are broken. The edge is where you keep being cut. The edge is where you are all by yourself. The edge is usually where you feel the most at danger. Yet, I need you to ask yourself a question. How many times have you been to the edge but have not fallen? How many times have you been to the edge but have not died? How many times have you been to the edge and have not lost your mind? At the edge of losing it all but still, surviving. At the edge of dying but still, living. At the edge of going crazy but still, smiling. At the edge but still … Think about being in a bed. Have you ever woke up, out of your sleep to realize you were on the edge and one roll away from falling? Or been snatched from your sleep to see that all it would have taken was one move to have you connecting with the night stand? I’ve had a few of those scary moments and in retrospect, they make me think about all the times I should have fallen over the edge of this thang called life but haven’t.

And get this … it is not because we’ve been strong enough to prevent ourselves from falling. Truth of the matter is, a lot of us should have fallen by now. A lot us should have failed many times before but because God loves us, He shields us when we are too selfish to see we need it. He protects us, even when we are playing patty cake with our prayers and the enemy persuades us into thinking we got wings and can fly. He stops us, even though we have gotten ourselves into another jacked up situation we promised we would never do again. God is right there, at the edge with us. I do not know whom you are but baby the edge may have cut you and it may be suffering you at this very moment but it will not be the end of you. You will not die because it is not your time. You can stay there but do not jump. You can stay there but do not sin. You can stay there but do not curse God because God can still perform miracles at the edge. Don’t believe me? Come here grandma. A few years ago, doctors said call the family in and prepare to say your goodbyes. She was at the edge but this year, Grams celebrated another birthday in her right mind. Come here sister. Man said Trigeminal Neuralgia (suicide disease), disability, never be able to work again and many have not made it. She was at the edge but this year she’s still singing and living. Baby, you might be at the edge but God can still work miracles. You just need to trust Him while you’re at the edge!


Daily Devotional – 8/13/18 “Are they praying?”

Happy Monday. I pray you have a week filled with joy and overflowing blessings, increased finances and continued health. Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, let me hope a few of you to make your week or maybe even the rest of your year better. The reason some of you are so stressed out is because you are too busy praying for folk who ain’t (I said what I said) praying for themselves. You are about to starve to death fasting for folk who won’t give up an hour to fast for themselves. The floor in your closet is worn out from the hours you’ve spent stretched out for folk who won’t stretch out for themselves. Please don’t misunderstand me and don’t take this devotional the wrong way. Sometimes you have to pray people out of the place they are in but you can only help those who want to be helped. I shared this before but you cannot free people who don’t know they are bound. Look, I am all for warring in the spirit on behalf of others but why should I be praying harder for your deliverance than you. Why should I be stretched out before God on your behalf while you are sitting at Happy Mexican on your third Margarita and happy? Why should I be calling intercessors together to pray for your marriage and you aren’t even praying for it? Why should I have to continually pray for your healing when you don’t even believe you’re sick? Nawl, I am not about to call a pray meeting for Lil Junior’s addiction when he told you he didn’t want no help. Ask them first, are they praying?

I am all for helping but only if you are willing to put forth an effort because you know as well as I do, you can’t recoup a RIGHTFUL harvest unless YOU first plant a seed. Rightful is having a legitimate claim or deserving of it. When you put in the WORK = Worship, Obedience, Request and the Kneeling; then you have a right to the harvest. Yet, if the only voice God hears is mine, whose deliverance will He grant? Mine or yours? Beloved, our faith works better by linking it. This means I take my faith, match it with your faith and we work God for what we need. Whether it be for you, me, your family or mine. But don’t allow me to work harder for yours than you’re willing to work for it. This is why when people ask me to pray for them, for a specific thing, I sometimes ask what they want me to pray for. It’s not because I need details but I need to know, 1. They’re praying and 2. We’re on one accord. See, I can’t ask God to restore their marriage when they are asking Him for a way out. I can’t pray for God to promote them on the job when they are asking God to remove them from it. I can’t be praying for God to give them the means to fix their car when they’ve been praying for a new one. Our prayers need to be on one accord and your prayers, for yourself, ought to always outweigh someone else prayers for you. Don’t pray harder for them than they are willing to pray for themselves. Ask them, are they praying because it matters.