Daily Devotional – 9/26/19 “Get back to YOU!”

I’m resharing a post from 2014, with updates because, although the date has changed, the message hasn’t. And I would try to be all nice with it but I ain’t, you need to read this …

You’re stressed out, right now about a job that’ll replace you, in the amount of time it takes them to post the job, interview and offer the position. You’re stressed out and losing sleep over somebody, who is in a whole relationship with somebody else, yet they’re dictating what you can and can’t do. You are stressing over debt, you created and got the audacity to be mad at God. No boo, this is all you, but you can come out of it, if you cut up the credit cards, stop spending beyond your means and get on a “get out of debt” plan. If that means bankruptcy or budget, do it and stop being embarrassed. Your blood pressure is high because you won’t take your medicine. That’s fine but you’re being selfish, to your family, who’ll be left behind when that high blood pressure claims your life. Your house is unhappy because you got folk in your business. Your ministry is in an uproar because you won’t sit down and devote the time, it needs, to studying. Your relationship isn’t working because you’re basing it on what happened in your last one, boo, start over.

What I’m saying is, God didn’t create us to be unhappy, all the freaking time. Bible shares in Ecclesiastes 2:24, “So I decided there is nothing better than to enjoy food and drink and to find satisfaction in work. Then I realized that these pleasures are from the hand of God.” Baby, your life should be enjoyable and your home should be your refuge from this cruel world. Life is but a vapor, which means we ain’t got time to be stressing, losing hair, getting sick, off balance, running up doctor bills, being angry all the doggone time, wound up, crying, groaning and complaining. For the bible says in Proverbs 12:25, “Anxiety in a man’s heart weighs him down, but a good word makes him glad.” This is my good word for you today … get back to you! I don’t know what you need to let go of but do it. I don’t know who you need to whisper bye to but do it. I don’t know who you need to forgive but do it. I don’t know what changes you have to make but do it. Get back to you, have that margarita, glass of wine, cigar, weekend getaway, cut your hair, put some makeup on, dance in the house, cry one good time, scream loudly, rent that movie and laugh, take that walk, read that book … whatever it takes, GET BACK TO YOU!


Daily Devotional – 9/23/19 “IT’S TIME!”

As I prepared to blog, this morning, I open Facebook, to see a post from my cousin. Her words said, “I couldn’t heal because I kept pretending, I wasn’t hurt! I’m no longer pretending!” Baby, if this won’t preach. Let me tell y’all something … you better open your mouth. You’re walking around dressed up, acting like you’re good when truthfully, you’re bleeding under your clothes. You get up, earlier, every day, to make sure your wounds and scars are covered because, God forbid, somebody finds out you’re human. You don’t want folk to know your relationship is really a situationship. You don’t want nobody to know, you’ve been a victim of abuse, low self-esteem, depression, suicidal thoughts, attempted suicide, broken promises, daddy issues and/or being taken advantage of by men or women. You sleep around because you’re afraid of being alone. Your words are harsh because you try to hurt folk before they hurt you, again. Beloved, you can’t heal because you keep pretending you aren’t hurt. Who are you?

There were times I’d be afraid of people knowing, the real me. Not anymore. I am, who I am and if you don’t know, let me tell you. My name is Lakisha Dionne Rucker Bloodworth Johnson. I used to be angry at our dead-beat dad who changed our last name but never took the time to raise us. I used to have bad credit, living paycheck to paycheck while robbing Peter to pay Paul, check advances, title loan, bankruptcy; all while serving in God’s house. I’ve been married for 21 years but it ain’t been all good, cause at one point he didn’t like me, and I couldn’t stand him, and it caused us both to be unfaithful and unhappy. I can go on, but the point is, I’ve made a lot of mistakes and I had to confess some stuff to be cleansed of it.

And somebody reading this, it’s time you owned your truth, too or you’ll dread opening your eyes, every morning, for having to fight another day with your present circumstances knocking the life out of you. Yea, I know, you’ve always been the strong one and now you’re too ashamed to show weakness because you think it might stain your image. You’ve been the encourager, for so long, that you don’t even recognize your need for encouragement. You’re always the one helping that you’ve yet to see it’s you who is now in need. You’re always the one feeding folk (physically and spiritually) that you can’t even hear your own stomach growling for nourishment. IT’S TIME … time for you to stop pretending and IT’S TIME … time you get healed.