Doses of Devotion

In 2012, after I’d been penning devotionals to this blog, God gave me the authority to create a printed devotional titled Doses of Devotion. It was my very first Christian Devotional and I am very proud of it. I believe it, like the many fiction books God and I have created, has helped many.

On last week God said it was time for it to be revised. The name is still the same but the content is different. In this revision, I’ve included prescriptions of Faith, Strength, Courage and Obedience for those times you need something a doctor can’t give.

I recognized the need for the revision because my work in ministry has changed and so has my writing. This is something I can’t take credit for because it’s been ALL GOD. You know what I say, “It isn’t just writing, it’s ministry,” because it is.

And it is my prayer, through this devotional, you’ll find the strength to press on because it could be the right Doses of Devotion to urge you to try again. Below, for an inside look, download the first 15 pages of the devotional and if desire the full book, the link is included.

For those of you who want to bypass the sample, you can get your ebook version HERE for $2 or download it with Kindle Unlimited. Paperbacks will be available by Wednesday.

As always,

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Daily Devotional – 8/12/20 “Still praying.”

Our God in Heaven,

As I humbly petition your throne, I come submitted to your authority asking your will to be done. God, give us bread to fill us, provisions to sustain us, power to resist the enemy and he’ll flee and strength not to fall into temptations. God, by your power, deliver us from evil and give us the words and voice to forgive others so that you forgive us. God, yours is the kingdom we seek, and this is why we ask you to destroy whatever keeps us from it.

Then God, thank you for healing, providing, protecting and shielding us. Thank you for never being too far away that our cries cannot pierce your ears and your hands not reach us. Thank you for even being a silent Father those times you have to let us fall and then thank you for picking us up. And while I have your ear, will you heal and restore our land. I know we aren’t perfect, but will you go into every city, town and country and heal.

God, will you calm anxiety, wipe tears of fear and comfort those who are grieving. God, will you keep us close to you and allow us to abide in your shadow because you are our refuge and strength. Surely, you’ll deliver us from the noose of the wicked, this deadly plague called Covid-19 and the demonic pestilence of racism. Surely, you can cover us because your faithfulness is our shield and protection and we shall not fear.

And I still pray, that no man or woman will succumb to sin, fall into depression, be anxious, commit suicide, be bound by fear, devoured by mental illness,  hunger, thirst, become homeless nor sick. I still pray for us to trust, seek, hear, feel, taste, pray, tithe and devote ourselves to you, God. Keep protecting the essential workers and healing those who are sick. Today God, we’re still praying, in the name of Jesus. Amen.