Daily Devotional – 6/14/18 “God doesn’t need proving!”

This is for all you strong-willed, I ain’t going nowhere because you feel like you have to prove how good your God is. Yea, I am speaking to those of you who are staying in harsh conditions because you feel there is something to prove. You are staying in worship places filled with hellish folk and you know God has told you to move but it’s where you’re comfortable. “I ain’t leaving my church, God got me.” Girl/Mane, if you don’t get on somewhere for the sake of your sanity. You’re staying in the marriage, for the sake of the children but it’s killing your soul. “At least he come home.” But when he do, he’s drunk, belligerent and funky. You’re staying at a job because it’s easy and convenient yet you leave every evening with a headache and blood pressure high. “But I’m off on weekends.” Yea, but you spend those trying to make yourself well enough to go back on Monday. Will God use us in places, in front of people and ask of us to do some strange things? YES. However, God will never leave you in a place that has the potential to stunt your growth. Baby, God don’t need you proving to folk how good and powerful He is. Were you there when He created the Heavens and the Earth out of a void? Were you there when He took dirt, rolled it between His hands and made a man? Were you there when He impregnated a virgin to send His only Son to earth?

Can you explain how God removed a tumor right before you were scheduled for surgery? Can you explain how God gave you back your sight after doctors had given up? Can you explain how God can keep your mind when you know you should have gone stone crazy by now? Can you? Because I can’t explain it sometimes. I mean, I can’t explain how my grandmother is still alive; cooking, cleaning, praying and singing when man said she should be dead. I can’t explain why God would wait on me; a brown-skinned, thick chick while I ran from His call but He did. I can’t explain why and for that alone, I don’t believe God needs you to prove to folk anything. Especially at the cost of losing you. When Jesus sent the disciples out to preach, He told them in Matthew 10:14, “If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet.” Here’s how you know your assignment is not finished. You are still growing despite the weeds. This means, no matter what folk try, you still prosper. Here’s how you know your assignment is finished. The only thing growing is your anger and bitterness towards folk. Don’t stay to prove how God good is when that isn’t the purpose of your assignment. Stay because you need to offer God, not defend Him.


Daily Devotional – 6/13/18 “Baggage!”

Would you walk into an airport and grab people’s luggage to carry, along with yours? Just walk right up to baggage claim and start throwing other folk’s luggage on your shoulders, back and then roll some with your hands. Would you? Then why are you walking around with the baggage of others, weighing you down? I’m talking to you who is still carrying the baggage of dude who claimed to be Trustworthy Tyrone but ended up being Tricky Ricky, after you gave him three years of your life. I am talking to you who still got the baggage of old girl who dressed nice, smelled good, could cook a meal and had her stuff together; until you got comfortable and the real her came out. Then you found out the lasagna was Stouffer’s, the hair wasn’t hers and her credit score matched her shoe size. I’m talking to you who is still upset at how the folks at that church treated you. Sure, they made promises and acted as if they liked you, in the beginning, until they realized you had a voice and an ordained assignment that didn’t match with their traditions. I’m talking to you who lost their job after twelve years and you get mad each time you drive by it. Erykah Badu said it best when she said, “Bag lady you gone hurt your back, dragging all them bags like that. I guess nobody ever told you; all you must hold onto, is you, is you, is you.”

You’ve got to let go of the weight. Hear me, it’s not going to be easy because you’ve got to adjust to no longer carrying what you have gotten comfortable with. So there will be an adjustment period as your mind and body get used to not having that crutch to lean on. Yes ma’am, yes sir; it is a crutch because as long as you have the baggage of let downs, hurt, misuse and abuse; you have an excuse to act like you act. You still got baggage of generational curses so you keep making the same mistakes granddaddy. You don’t trust anybody so you jump from bed to bed, creating more hurt folk like you. You carry around the baggage of your parent’s addiction and you use it as a reason why you can’t get clean. You aren’t quick to lay down roots because you think this place will do you like the last one did. You are swift to hurt folk with words because you keep reaching into that baggage pulling out what “they” did. That baggage is your excuse to not commit. That baggage is your reason for constantly running. That baggage is causing turmoil in your life. You’ve got to get free! If not for you, for those counting on you because you have the ability to pass on more than just a legacy. Get free beloved. It’s time and you deserve it.