Daily Devotional – 5/29/17 “You don’t have to suffer to lose!”

We didn’t lose power during the storm Saturday night but we did Sunday morning. Then when I got up this morning, the power was out again. It wasn’t for long but no power is no power. Anyway, I couldn’t go back to sleep and while I laid here, God told me to tell somebody ….

You don’t have to suffer through a storm to lose some stuff!

Beloved, you can be minding your business and the death angel will kick in the door of your heart and snatch a loved one. You can be driving, following all the rules and paying attention yet in a second you can lose your car because somebody else wasn’t. You can be on a job, top employee who never calls in sick but you’ll be the one laid off due to budget cuts. You can be the healthiest person in the family whose never drank or smoked yet somehow you’ll end up with cancer that takes your hair, a body part and a little bit of your strength. You do not have to suffer through a storm but you can still lose some stuff!

However, even after losing some stuff, don’t lose faith. Don’t lose your mind. And don’t lose your trust in the God of power. Yea, you can and will lose some stuff (people and things) but God never loses His power to restore. And the best part about it, He doesn’t have to wait for help to arrive before He restores!

Daily Devotional – 5/26/17 “Go back!”

In order to effectively heal, you sometimes have to go back to the place of hurt. No, I don’t mean physically but mentally. See, you’ve become good at covering your pain for the world but when you get home at night, in the car by yourself, in the bathroom stall or even those times you zone out; you feel like you’re about to lose your mind. And that’s because silently you are. You want to know why you pop off, why it doesn’t take much to make you angry and why you are quick to walk away? It’s because you’ve been hurt beloved and have yet to heal. Yeah, you got away from the abusive spouse but you still live like you haven’t because you play it over and over, trying to understand why he/she started hitting you in the first place. Go back, not to find out but to forgive. You overcame alcoholism but it’s a daily fight because you haven’t dealt with the reason you started drinking. Go back and forgive. You smile when you tell folk about being molested but inwardly you’re cringing because you still carry hurt for the person who took your innocence. Go back and forgive. You testify of how you were once a crack addicted, street walker but you don’t tell them about the urges that’s waking you up because you’re still dealing with the voices in your head. Go back, heal and forgive. 

What happened is, you removed the stitches too soon. You got up and started moving around before it was time. You tried to stand on the brokenness but it wasn’t time. And now you find yourself in a place of needing to heal, all over again. Don’t you know removing stitches from a wound that hasn’t healed can cause you all kinds of problems? It can cause the wound to reopen, infection to set in and more pain like you wouldn’t believe. And now, you have to go through surgery again. You have to be put to sleep again. You have to be opened up again. And you have to be stitched up all over again. But this time, this time, push through until you’ve healed. Stop telling folk your testimony when God has yet to release you to do it. Stop showing folk your scar when God hasn’t told you too. 

You still need time to heal. Go back! 

“Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved, for you are my praise.” – Jeremiah 17:14