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Hey everyone we are so excited because we have a guest blogger today! Her name is Lakisha Johnson and she was kind enough to bless us with an awesome blog today. The blog is entitled Big Deal

My son asked me a question the other day and it’s something I’ve been pondering on. He’d seen a post on social media and wanted to ask me for clarification. He asked, “why is marriage such a big deal in the eyes of God and He isn’t married?” Here’s what I explained to him … God is married. His bride is the church which is known as the Bride of Christ and He is the groom or the head of the household. As being the head of the household; God is protector, provider, faithful, loving and committed. Marriage is a big deal because God sees marriage as a sacred covenant between two people…

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4 thoughts on “BIG DEAL

  1. Awesome testimony. I just love ypur blog..It’s real and down to earth. I pray Keisha can blog more on relationships and family. I feel that I also have that ministry. God bless you both!

      1. Relationships with children’s father or mother after separation. How God should be in the midst of your relationships. Divorce and saving relationships, Friendship and how to value it. Children and the connections. The importance in caring for your soul. Where do we go after this life? How to connect and be counseled after drugs addictions. What can sex with no boundaries do to me?

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