Heroine Addict – Women’s Journal

Are you ready to journal your way to becoming addicted to HEROINE?

No, not the drug but the woman you are and destined to become. The woman who is admired by others, who is held in high regard, who is favorable and filled with courage. The woman who is honorable and of good quality.

You are probably asking, why is this journal different from all the rest? After all, it is another book filled with blank pages intended for your thoughts, affirmations, poems, scriptures and etc.; however, this journal was created in the hope you will become addicted to heroine. This journal was created, through prayer, in order to encourage you to search for, find, pull out and then display the heroine within you because your destiny depends on her surviving.

Are you ready?

** If you are interested in a journal with regular book binding, for $15 you may purchase it here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/198397207X

** If you are interested in a spiral bound journal, you may purchase it via PayPal: (copy and paste links)

If you want it shipped $18 ::


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