Daily Devotional – 2/15/17 “Simple prayer!”


Sometimes, all it takes is a simple prayer filled with the power of the Holy Ghost to get what you need. Beloved, when you don’t know what to pray for, sometimes you need to take a few words and do what my Grandma say, put your weight on it and get it through. See, I’ve been to a place of darkness and praying the Lord’s Prayer would take too much time. I’ve dealt with some pain and didn’t have the time nor strength for more than three words (Lord, do it!). I’ve been knocked down and all I could scream out was, Lord, have mercy! I’ve had the door slammed in my face and God, have your way; was all that came out. Been turned down and “Lord, you know,” was the answer.

What’s my point? Sometimes you have to let the Holy Ghost take over and get your prayer to places you’re too big to go. Put some weight on it, some bass in your voice and let the spirit of the Lord have His way!

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