This week!

Hey all! I know I haven’t written a devotional this week but we are in the midst of moving and it’s hectic. However, if I get the chance, this week I will. 

But, I simply stopped by to say this…

Trust God. Trust God even when it feels like you won’t make it. Trust God because you know, without a doubt that He’ll never leave you. 

I listened to a sermon by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr entitled “But if not,” and he said we have to have the type of faith thats willing to go for God even if He doesn’t show up when we think He should. We have to have faith that say, even though I’m stumbling I’ll still trust. Even though I may have to go in the fire, I’ll trust God to save me. But if not, I’ll still trust Him. But if not, I’ll still believe. But if not, God is still able! 
Be blessed! 


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