Daily Devotional – 12/23/16 “Still!”

As I reflect back on the movie Hidden Figures, it reminded me that no matter your circumstances you can still …What do I mean? Well, these 3 ladies were working for NASA during the time there was still colored bathrooms, sitting on the back of the bus, some universities that didn’t allow blacks to take classes needed to be promoted and the black women who had the knowledge were known as “computers.”

Yet these women still …

They still showed up everyday. They still worked. They still gained the knowledge. They still persevered. And they still trusted God. They didn’t allow their circumstances to hold them back. They didn’t allow their situation to keep them from getting their names etched in history. It didn’t matter that they were Hidden Heroes, they still!

On today, a few days before 2016 ends, will you still allow your circumstance to hold you hostage or are you going to get up and do something. Are you still going to blame your past on why you can’t or will you push through? Will you still forfeit your destiny or are you tired of being hidden? Will you walk into your rightful place or are you still scared?

You have the chance to be and do whatever you set your mind too, you simply have to still stand even in the face of the enemy. Push through!

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