Daily Devotional – 12/7/15 “Want vs. Need!”

You may not get what you want but you’ll surely get what you need. Ask the lame man at the gate of Beautiful. He asked Peter and John for money but instead, he got healing. Want vs NeedSee, had they given him money; he would have been right back the next day begging again. But because Peter gave him his healing, he can now get up and work for a living. He didn’t get what he wanted but he got what he needed. It’s the same for somebody reading this. You’ve been bombarding God with prayers for something specific and it still hasn’t shown up. The enemy will make you think God isn’t listening when beloved, it’s the opposite. God is listening but He knows what you’re asking for, you aren’t ready for so He’ll give accordingly. What do I mean? Well, you asked Him to send you a part-time job but instead your current job start offering overtime. God knows you can’t handle the part-time job right now (plus it’ll take you away from worship). You ask God to send you a spouse but instead He allowed you to see the person standing in front of you to see if you’d give in to temptation. God isn’t testing you to fail but He’s simply trying to see if you’re ready.

Oh Saint, God doesn’t make failures and quitters yet we have to go through, sometime. God will not always give you what you want but He’ll supply you with what you need. You want a house but you need an apartment so that you can become a better steward of your money. You want a car note but what you really need is a bus pass because you didn’t keep up the maintenance on the last one you had (you’re not ready). You want a promotion but you need more training, what’s the sense of being promoted only to be demoted (wait your turn). You want to be a pastor but what you need to be is a preacher first. You want to be the leader but you really need to get following down first. You want to be loved but you need to learn how to love yourself. You want to go but you need to learn how to stay where you are, every once in a while. Please understand, sometimes your wants and needs may be on the same accord and sometime they won’t. But you need to realize that in God saying no, there’s a reason. Look for it in His delay because although you may not get what you want, God will definitely give you what you need.

“And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus. – Philippians 4:19”


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