Daily Devotional – 10/31/15 “Hallow God”

Today is set aside to celebrate Halloween. Now, while some Christians are all up in arms about other Christians dressing up in costume; why don’t you worry about the days you “dress up” as a Christian. Yea, while you are concerned about folk playing on Halloween, when will you stop playing with what God has called you to be and do? A lot of folk are in costume every Sunday, playing a Saint but as soon as worship is over, you remove the mask.

Baby, check yourself before you put your mouth on folk. Yea, while we are concerned about Halloween, we really should stop and Hallow God. For hallow is defined as to make somebody or something holy or to have great respect or reverence for somebody or something. See, while you are worried about folk carving pumpkins, why don’t you reshape your attitude? While you are fussing over folk setting out candy, why don’t you set a better example for the those who look up to you. While you turning your nose up at the gathering of kids, why don’t you gather yours together for prayer every now and then? All I am saying is, while you’re worried about Halloween, worship and Hallow God!

Be blessed and if you’re going to be out, be careful!

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