Daily Devotional – 7/14/15 “Where are you planted?”

In teaching VBS on last night, we are in the book of Matthew, chapter 13 talking about the parable of the sower and there are four types of soil we can be planted in. See, a lot of times we get caught up in thinking this parable is about the seed but the seed is the word of God and it doesn’t change yet the area in which we are planted does. Yea, the seed should be watered and nourished but the Word of God does not change. So, where are you planted?

  • Are you by the pathway Christian – as soon as you hear the word of God, the enemy comes and snatches it from you? You leave church and folk don’t even recognize who you are in the car? The same mouth that just song in the choir is now cussing folk out on the street, the same person whose feet shouted up and down the aisles are now walking over folk and the same person who was laid out across the altar is now talking about who he or she was laid up with last night – Is this you?
  • Or are you a stony Christian – you hear the word and it simmers in your spirit for a little while but as soon as trouble comes, you forget all about the word and start focusing on the worry. You get sickness in your body and you no longer study and understand that God can heal you because all you’re focusing on now is the hurt. You see a little rain and you forget all about the God who is your shelter because all you see is the storm. – Is this you?
  • Or are you a thorny Christian – you got the word in you; you even let it show a few times. You post a few Christian statuses and may even go to two services the same Sunday but all it’ll take is for the enemy to send somebody in your vicinity for all of your religion to disappear. You get caught up with Sis. Loud Mouth and she’s choking out the religion in you because you can’t even hear the message for the mess. You’re running to church not for God’s word but for the word on everybody’s business. – Is this you?
  • Or are you a rooted in good ground Christian – you have the word in you and you don’t mind sharing, showing and shouting it. Yea, you may go through some things but you realize they are only momentary so you don’t linger there. You face the enemy because you know God is your strength. You face being talked about because you know God is your joy. You even don’t worry about being lied on because you know that God can change your name. You read and study the word because you want your light to shine and you want to be known by the fruit you bear – Is this you?

I asked these questions on last night to the class; if God were to inspect your harvest, would it be acceptable and is the fruit you’re bearing edible to the unsaved? Where are you planted? Each one of us are planted in one of these grounds, where are you?

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