Daily Devotional – 7/2/15 “Praying Together! “

As we’ve been walking the bible in bible study these last few months, we were discussing Deuteronomy on last night and the question was asked on why were most of the scriptures so repetitive. My answer was because Moses had to keep repeating himself to the wayward people of Israel. Please understand, God had a plan for the people of Israel and He wanted them to be on one accord when they went into the Promised Land. This is why He put into place decrees and regulations for them to follow. Now, it blew my mind how these people could be so rebellious, angry and even talk back at times when God promised them a new land that would be flowing with milk and honey, all the land they could ever want, all their needs provided for, their enemies taken care of, food, shelter and longevity and all they had to do was keep and obey His commandments. Oh but wait, it’s the same thing today! We have become a rebellious people. We walk around disobeying God’s commandments. We don’t respect our parents, we don’t help one another and we surely don’t love like we should, we idolize material stuff, we don’t honor the Sabbath day, some of us go to worship with so much hell in us that we should have stayed home anyway, we don’t pay tithes, we don’t honor the union of marriage, we don’t respect the Lord’s house, we surely don’t respect the men and women He has placed as the shepherd of His flock and yet we wonder why the world is in an uproar. We want to blame everybody else for our problems and circumstances when it’s us!

Oh, oh; but we are quick to say … “Chile, we are living in our last days,” “The Lord is surely on His way back,” “God isn’t pleased,” when the truth of the matter is – half of us don’t know this to be true because most of us don’t study enough to know. We won’t go to bible study but you’ll go to every party you’re invited too, we drag into church late but you’re on time for Happy Hour, we won’t pay tithes but you’re pay into a weight loss program, we won’t pray for the pastor but you’re surely prey on him (if he’s cute), you won’t shout but let a line dance play and you can’t do devotion but you’re devoted to raising hell! Baby! Leviticus 18:4-5 says, “You must obey all my regulations and be careful to obey my decrees, for I am the LORD your God. If you obey my decrees and my regulations, you will find life through them. I am the LORD.” We find life, y’all! But get this, after all this He knew we would sin (as being human beings) because then He gave us repentance if and when we fell but it doesn’t give us the authority to live in our mess. We’ve got to do better as a band of believers, we’ve got to! If you haven’t noticed, we are in a war, a spiritual war and unless we get together and starting fighting in the spirit; a lot of us spiritual folk won’t make it! It’s time to join the movement of praying from where you are and allowing our spirits to connect. Will you?

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I’ll start … Father, search me and remove anything or anybody that keeps me out of your will. For I need to be better for you! Amen

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