Daily Devotional – 7/1/15 “Stop wasting time!”

It’s a new month, seven months into 2015; how are you faring? Are thangs going alright? How you doing with those resolutions you made? Have you done anything toward your goals? Made any significant changes in your life spiritually? Taken any steps to be a greater you? I’m just asking. Don’t get mad at me when you were the one to set the goals you knew you had no intention on reaching. You can’t be mad at anyone but yourself. It’s like being mad because you can’t get air when all you have to do is inhale. Crazy, right? All you have to do is try! Baby, look here … I’m going to share this scripture again from yesterday because somebody needs to be reminded of the word that says in 2 Timothy 1:7, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” So, what are you waiting on? You are the blessing, now all you have to do is believe in yourself. Be strong and be you in the fact that you’ve been blessed enough to get up. It doesn’t matter that you’ve fallen, get up. Yes, there’s a strong possibility that you might fall again but get up AGAIN! Yea, you might get hurt in the process of your elevation but keep climbing. You might get scarred up coming out of that valley but get out. You might even have wounds getting out of that abusive relationship but get out. You may have some effects from that addiction but get out. How many people do you know who have went through surgery and came out without a scar? Baby, when you go through some stuff to get some better stuff, you sometimes get left with a scar; deal with it. Use it as a reminder of where you’ve been and as a guide of where you’re headed. Healing comes with a scar. Deliverance comes with a scar. Salvation comes with a scar, ask Jesus!

All I am saying is this, stop wasting time because time isn’t yours to measure. Walk boldly in the blessing that God has granted you. Use the gifts; wisely, that God has graced you with. Utilize the anointing that God so mercifully fills us with daily. Stop being detoured with mess, stop being burdened down with the past, stop giving anger the upper hand and stop with the pettiness of the present; it’s hindering who you can be!

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