Daily Devotional – 6/26/15 “They weren’t there … “

This word of encouragement was shared today on Facebook by Rev. Warren Perry, who is an awesome encourager and it blessed me down in my soul. He said …

“Often times the very reason individuals can’t comprehend the depth of what you are called to do, is because they were not included in the planning of your Creation when God commanded you to be!”

Baby, if this won’t preach on a Friday! My God! See, we spend more time trying to explain our calling to folk rather than doing what we’ve been called to do when those folk we are explaining too aren’t listening anyway … Show them instead! Don’t you know your actions can speak louder than words anyway? You don’t have to keep explaining, tell them “Don’t believe me, just watch!” Listen my brother and my sister; there is folk grumbling around you who can’t grasp the gravity of God’s glory over your life; that’s alright. There are folk camped out at your celebration who can’t comprehend the complexity of the change taking place; that’s cool. There are folk everywhere, ear hustling on your elevation because they can’t explain the effectual enlargement that is taking place; that’s evident. There are supposedly saved folk standing around, speaking on your status because they can’t seem to see the Holy Spirit shifting in your spirit, strengthening your scrawny spaces, soothing your sighs and sanctifying your shout; that’s satisfactory too, keep going! They don’t understand because they weren’t included in the planning of what God intended for your life, let me go. They can’t fathom it because they were not there when you fell but got up. They can’t measure it because they were not there when God plucked you out of the mess you were in, cleaned you up, stood your feet on solid ground, told you to hold your head up high and your shoulders back and go forth! They can’t gage your anointing because baby it ain’t for them too! They weren’t there the nights you had to pace, the days you had to cry in the stalls at work, they many times you had to go hungry, the times you had to lay out in the floor while God worked on you, the many times you ran only to end up back at the beginning; they weren’t there! Stop trying to explain to them! They can’t understand your shout but show them how it’s done. They don’t understand your cry but let them hear it. They don’t even understand why you praise the way you do but do it anyway, they may eventually join in. The ones who don’t understand your calling aren’t meant to be in the vicinity of you, who have been called! Check your circle!

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