Daily Devotional – 6/23/15 “What are you working for?”

For the last 12 weeks I’ve been attending this Dale Carnegie course on Effective Communications & Human Relations Skills. Now, when I initially started taking this course, I did it because my previous manager placed it on my career progression path as a means for me getting into management. So, I did and I went in with my mind made up that I was already an effective communicator and that I only needed this class as a great mark on my resume and as a means to help me move higher into my chosen career path. Man, was I wrong. This class helped me in more ways than one. See, I’ve been so focused on becoming a manager that I was overlooking the fact that I need to be alright with the right now and the leader I am already. I’ve been so focused on being overlooked for this position, being overworked and undervalued that I almost missed my assignment of being where I am for the purpose of what I was put here for. Here I was waiting for folk to validate the validity of my gifts when God has already made it known that I am worthy, gifted, anointed, talented and among all things His! I’ve come to realize that I’ve got this thang all wrong.

There was a story that the instructor told at the end of class on last night that went like this (I’m paraphrasing)… There were two mechanics working on the tracks of the railroad, one was young and the other was an older gentleman. As the train came through the station, another older gentleman got off and shouted down to one of the mechanics, “Hey Bob.” Bob shouted back, “Hey Frank.” When Frank left, the younger mechanic says, “Do you know who that was? That’s the president of the railroad. How do you know him?” Bob says, “We started together at the railroad some 30 years ago.” The younger mechanic says, “If you both started together, why is it he’s the president of the company and you’re still a mechanic.” Bob replies, “Because I started working for $3.13 an hour and Frank started working for the railroad.” – The moral of the story is … Be careful what you’re working for! Either you’re working for the money or you’re working for a career. Many times we can get caught up in being stuck, complacent, comfortable and alright with being where we are but is it what we are called to do? Are we utilizing our gifts? Are we using our talents? Or are we limiting our abilities out of fear of stepping out. Yea, we might fail, we might even fall but how do you know unless you do it? Fear has kept a lot of folk from making it. Fear has allowed a lot of dreams to be buried. Don’t allow yours to be one of them. If it’s working out, changing jobs, writing a book, starting a blog, doing devotion in church, teaching Sunday school, saving some money, opening a business, starting a new ministry within the church; whatever it is; do it! Don’t let the lack of trying be the reason you don’t succeed. Proverbs 16:3 says, “Commit your actions to the LORD, and your plans will succeed.” Oh but before you commit your actions you have to first commit yourself. God is waiting. And if you’ve already committed yourself to the Lord, stop being afraid to ask Him for what you need because He’ll come through with His end of the deal, will you?

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