Daily Devotional – 6/8/15 “Get Up!”

I had a momentary moment this morning when it felt like everything was hitting me all at once. Yea, me; I was having a woe is me moment and God allowed me to get it all out and then He simply whispered, “Get up.” And guess what happened? I got up and when I did, I found that He had already re-strengthened me to go on. He had already renewed me to endure. He had already reignited my flame that was flickering. Oh, I can imagine the enemy standing by rubbing his hands together thinking, if just for a few more minutes, I can get her but he’s a lie! Not today Satan! For when I got up, I had everything I needed to push; that’s pray until shift happens! Awl y’all; somebody at this very moment is sitting at their job feeling defeated, someone is lying on their bed thinking sickness is winning, someone is sitting in their car in the parking lot of the bank feeling like no matter how much you work you still can’t make it enough; someone is reading this on your phone and tired of hearing “hold on”, someone is staring at their computer and can barely read this for the tears streaming down their face, someone is fed up with being angry but you don’t know what to do, someone feels like suicide is the only option, someone is in the stages of grief, someone is about to deal with a terrible storm and don’t even know it yet; there is even a pastor or two who are on the verge of giving up but they don’t have anyone to lean on …. Oh but here I am; I’m just a simple girl who, if you read back; still have moments but I’m here to tell you to GET UP!

I don’t mean you have to physically move but sometimes you have to spiritually get yourself out of the spiritual hell you’re living in. GET UP! You have to decide today that you will no longer be the same as yesterday. GET UP and decide that you will no longer be held captive by the mistakes of yesterday, the anger of last week or the “what ifs” of the past. You have to GET UP and move! For when you get up, your healing is already done. When you get up, the deliverance you need is already taking place. When you get up, the renewing of your mind has already happened. When you get up, you can begin to walk in the newness of your destiny. When you get up, you can see clearer the manifestation of God’s power. When you get up, you can feel the favor of God over your life. When you get up, you can see your shift happening before your eyes. When you GET UP, you Gain Effectual Transformation Unto Purpose! Get up! You may not like what you see but get up because you could look like what you’ve been through. You may not like where you are but get up because it could be worse. Get Up and trust in God, He’ll do what you need.

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