Daily Devotional – 6/4/15 “Today’s Epidemic: A dying church!”

Isn’t it funny that you can post mess on social media and it’ll go viral but post something encouraging and it’ll get lost, overlooked or it’ll be too long for someone to read? Do you find it interesting that spell check will let you know that you didn’t capitalize the f on Facebook but not the G on God? Is it peculiar to anyone else how folk have more respect for the boss at their job than the man of God? Is it strange to anyone else that folk won’t pay you any mind when you’re reading a book with a half-naked woman or man on the cover but they’ll think you’re crazy when you walk around with a bible? Is it just me? I mean, folk will say you are a Jesus freak when you go to Sunday school, worship service and bible study all in the same week but they won’t bat an eye when you’re turning up at Two for Tuesday, Wild-out Wednesday and Thirsty Thursdays back to back. Something is wrong! When folk find it so easy to disrespect the man or woman of God who has been put into place to lead, something is wrong. When folk now attend church to find out other folk’s business, something is wrong. When worship has become so organized that even the Holy Spirit has to be invited in, something is wrong. When the cemeteries are being filled with our children, something is wrong. When folk can leave church and not remember the message but they can remember the mess, something is wrong. When Christians have the audacity to fight against the Pastor but not fight for him/her, something is wrong.

There’s an epidemic going on and it’s called A DYING CHURCH! I don’t mean the building, I mean the people. We are the church; the church began with us, people, not in a building. We are dying and it’s sad when the cure is within arm’s reach – God! We’ve gotten away from praying for one another but we’ll prey on each other. We don’t help but we will surely hinder. We won’t support but we’ll try to sabotage. We don’t aid but we shoal will aggravate! Isn’t that sad? Folk in the church are in trouble and in need yet they are afraid to come to the church for help out of fear of being talked about. They are too afraid to lean over in church out of fear of not having someone there to catch them. Folk don’t even shout anymore because too many folk are laughing when they should be joining in. You are wondering why you’re still in the shape you’re in, check your praise report! Don’t you know that some things can be loosened with our praise? Those things that have us bound, that hurt, that anger, that depression; baby try shouting it out and see if you don’t feel differently afterwards. This epidemic is rising but there is a cure, all we have to do is get back to being about our Father’s business. For 2 Chronicles 7:14 says, “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” We are in need of healing!

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