Daily Devotional – 6/3/15 “Vows!”

I was studying my bible study lesson for today and we are currently in the book of Numbers (on our walk through the bible) and in Numbers 30, the Lord gave a Law to the Israelite people concerning them making vows to Him. This piqued my interest because as children of God we are always making promises to Him that we know we can’t or will not keep. I’m just so grateful that God’s anger doesn’t strike us down in our mess like He could! In Numbers 30:1-2, Moses said to the leaders of the tribes of Israel; “This is what the Lord has commanded: A man who makes a vow to the Lord or makes a pledge under oath must never break it. He must do exactly what he said he would do.” Please understand; a vow is a pledge, a promise or an oath that we make with our mouth. You know how we say, “God, I promise I won’t drink like this again,” or “God, I promise if you allow me to get this car I’ll go to church more,” or “Lord, if you heal my body I’ll serve you,” or “Lord, if you send me a spouse I’ll do right by them,” or “Lord if you give me Sundays off I’ll go to church or Mondays off, I’ll go to bible study” or “If you allow me to see one more birthday, I’ll give up this or that,” “God, I promise I won’t hit my wife anymore,” “God, if you get me out of this, I promise I won’t come back here again,” yet we never hold to our end of the vow. Aren’t you glad God doesn’t strike us dead in our sins?

Yea, I know we make mistakes; we are entitled to a few because God knows we aren’t perfect but stop making vows you know you can’t keep. That’s like constantly saying you’re sorry when you know you don’t mean it. That’s like asking forgiveness for a lie. That’s like taking the blame for a mistake you have every intention of making again. It just doesn’t make logical sense. If you aren’t husband or wife material; don’t make a vow to become a husband or a wife. If you aren’t of leadership quality, don’t make a vow to become a leader. If you don’t have what it takes to be momma or daddy; don’t lie down and make a vow to become one to one or three. If you know you can’t be trusted to pay your bills, don’t make a vow with these folks to get their stuff. If you know you aren’t ready to be who God has destined you to be, stop making a vow to Him because He is holding you accountable and He comes to repossess what belongs to Him. Don’t you know that God will show up to snatch what is His? When you think all hell is breaking loose, that will be God reclaiming His stuff. You did make a vow, after all. And His stuff is you. Chile, God will lie you on your back to get you to see Him. This is why I tell folk, you have to be careful about this spiritual thang because it’s serious. Yea, we will make mistakes but that’s why we have repentance. God didn’t say we had to stop living, He simply says do all things decently and in order. All I am trying to get you to understand is this – don’t make a vow if you don’t have intentions on keeping it because they are easy to make and hard to pay for. Ecclesiastes 5:4-6 says, “When you make a promise to God, don’t delay in following through, for God takes no pleasure in fools. Keep all the promises you make to him. It is better to say nothing than to make a promise and not keep it. Don’t let your mouth make you sin. And don’t defend yourself by telling the Temple messenger that the promise you made was a mistake. That would make God angry, and he might wipe out everything you have achieved.”

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