Daily Devotional – 6/1/15 “New month, half the year is gone …”

New month and half the year is gone – how are those New Year’s resolutions looking? Have you made any changes, done any soul searching, wrote any plans, created any visions or have you simply stayed where you are? Look here … Stop wasting time, it’s not going to wait on you! Stop blaming God; He didn’t get you in the mess you’re in! Stop blaming folk, some of them could care less if you succeed but they sure are happy when you fail. Stop blaming momma nem; when you’ve been given chance after chance to do something different. Baby, it doesn’t matter where you come from; the question now is, where are you going? It doesn’t matter what you used to do, what are you doing now? It doesn’t matter what you used to be called, it only matters now what you answer too. Yea, I know you used to shut the clubs down but if that isn’t you anymore stop allowing people to drag you back there. If you know your Saturdays are now spent preparing for Sunday morning, be alright with folk knowing that. Stop being shy about folk knowing your dance partner has changed. And please, let go of the built up anger and resentment you have for whoever, deal with whatever issue you’ve buried and let go of past hurts.

Beloved, understand this – You cannot continue to live if you are spiritually dead because eventually your rotting decay is going to start to smell and then folk will find out you aren’t all you say you are. Yea! You get dressed up yet you’re torn up on the inside. You draw a smile on your face but inside you’re weeping. You go to church, playing church and leaving worse Sunday after Sunday. You can’t hear what God is trying to tell you because you got so much mess going on. You can’t fulfill your Godly assignment because you are worried about the image folk are seeing. Chile, get your life! God isn’t pleased with the current state of His saints and that’s a problem. When folk have more authority in the church than the pastor, there’s a problem. When saints are suffering yet other saints are only concerned with the weekly gossip, there’s a problem. When parents begin giving children an option on getting to know God, there’s a problem. When parents don’t know God, there’s a problem. We have made it to see half a year gone which means, we have half a year left. It’s time out for playing. Whatever you need to apologize for, do it. Whatever changes need to be made, make them. You may not have the time you think you do!

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